Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 70

     Hey Mom! That's super exciting to hear that you guys are closing on the house! You may be almost completely moved in by the time I come home! Haha just teasing. I hope you guys like the new house as much as you've talked about. Also that Nate can learn to love it haha. I sent an email to the Stalkers, that's super weird that they are moving after Aaron got tenure! I'm sure they prayed and fasted about it a ton. I wish they'd move down here and teach the people how to be leaders.
     With the camera, yeah I have a nikon coolpix, it's not like the worst camera ever, just that unless you hold it super still the picture is blurry. I don't really know any good cameras, I can't really look it up haha I'll ask some missionaries about theirs and tell you about em. 
    It was so hot the other day, we did a blitz in the sister's area. A blitz is where all the missionaries in the zone work in one area for a few hours. So they make plans for each companionship and we help em out a little bit. It was pretty hot that day and Gonzalez and I had to bike pretty far to get to the area in which we were working. And we were sweating a ton! haha and I told you about how much Gonzo sweats, a lottttt. So we knocked on this door and a women opened and the first thing she said was, "Oh wow, you guys are really sweaty." With this kind of disgusted look on her face, needless to say it was a wealthier part of town. So she had her daughter grab like 4 water bottles and gave them to us. We just laughed and were like, "well yeah we're biking around in the hot sun" And so we talked with her and started teaching the restoration a little and everything and when Gonzalez was talking about the BOM she just cut him off and asked if he'd like a towel or something, and then went and got him one. It was so funny, I dont think she listened to him at all, probably just in her mind was like, "oh my gosh he is so sweaty".  Then we went back to our apartment and for some reason I decided to switch my scriptures that I study with with a few copies of the BOM in spanish and english. I took em out and found them super ruined!! I sweat through my backpack and about an inch into the BOM and it has terrible water damage now and the edges are all gray! Haha it was so gross. So I got a new one and wrapped it in a towel. 
     The mission is so fun, idk why but it is kind of fun to suffer sometimes. Whenever it is scorching hot and we are just sweating through our clothes, it's just funny, cause there is nothing else you can do about it. Or when you're biking and we get a flash flood, you just get super soaked, and it's fun. I think it's to help us learn that we can have a good attitude in any situation. And it's true, happiness is a choice, just make the decision. 
     I love you guys a ton, thanks for emailing me, take care. ;)
10 minute break 

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