Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 69

      Haha that's awesome, Elliot seems like such a diva and she's only three! Nathan is going to have such a fun time when she is older! So it's almost in Northern Maine? Oh no, haha, that means we are crazy weird inbred lumberjacks right? I remember you and dad talking trash about Northern Maine and now look! Haha, that's pretty funny. Nate emailed me! He asked me some questions and it was actually pretty fun to answer them, here I'll put em in here too.
     Our area is doing pretty well, the only thing is kind of a normal thing, people are lazy. Not lots of people want to work for things, it's hard to get them to understand the Gospel. Especially the concept of authority! I like using the story of like, Imagine you're driving in your car and you hear sirens behind you and you look behind you and the ice cream truck has a light on the top and he's trying to pull you over, would you pull over? No, right? Because he doesn't have the "authority" to do so. Now imagine the same situation but with a cop, then you would pull over. It's the same with the authority of God in ordinances like baptism, we have to have the authority in order to perform them. But people never understand, who knows..
    My studies are going really well, I am trying to get to know the scriptures more, recently I've noticed more how I like when good teachers quote, or share scriptures often to give authority and power to their teachings, so I'm trying to memorize, or at least know the scriptures well enough, so that I can share more scriptures in lessons. Before I would share more scripture stories and relate it to their lives, which I still like, but little doctrinal scriptures are cool too. I don't know if that really even makes sense.. But yeah. And then I'm reading the book mom sent me called "The Inevitable Apostacy" It's super cool and I'm learning a lot about why Christ's church was lost, it's super interesting.
     Grossest food is menudo. It's nasty, it is the intestines of a cow. It's pretty hard to clean out and often times makes you feel like you're eating poop. And it's really chewy and hard to swallow, like you can't bite through it with your teeth, once I almost choked and died lol. But I just eat it with lots of chile and tortillas and fight through it.
   Super good to hear from you guys even though we just talked. I got a haircut today, my hair went all the way down to the end of my nose! And my nose is like 3ft long so, haha just kidding. Now it's a lot shorter but someone just told me it looks the same, so that's... good? It didn't look that long but it was, here's a pic of me being cool. Then idk if you can tell how much Gonzalez sweats but oh man, it's so funny. Then, I sweat through my backpack the other day, it was only like 103 though, people say it gets like 115, so that'll be fun. 
       Glad to hear you guys are doing well! I love you a ton, have a great week!

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