Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 63

   Hey mom! This week was really great. Mostly because of General Conference. This one was probably my favorite, but I think we all say that ever year, but for what it's worth, this one was my favorite. I really liked Kevin R Duncan's talk about Forgiveness, I forgot to bring my notes on it to the college but, it really got me. I get jacked by the spirit about 1 min into the talk. "Jacked" means like corrected or scolded, its just something that the missionaries say here. Anyway, it started and I thought to myself, "wow I know lots of people that this talk could help because they never forgive anybody." And then the spirit reminded me of my own imperfections and how wrong that thought was. I kind of just laughed to myself and thought, "Got me!". Pretty humbling for us all.
   I loved Elder Ballard's talk probably most of all, it really hit me of how important it is to have great communication in the family. It is easy to see, especially down here in the Valley, how horrible the world is at family unity. And also important to note how unity is used everyday in missionary work between companions and the Holy Spirit. It got me a little trunky and gave me a feeling of inadequacy but that's something I can work on and think about as we work harder to serve the people here. I've never had a problem with a companion but sometimes I feel that we are not best friends.
   I am still waiting for the conference when they announce the temple in Edinburg, Texas. The church already has land for it, but we lack the Melquisedec priesthood holders. I'm not sure how you spell that in English but that is what it is in Spanish haha. I noticed how much emphasis was put on the importance of temple assistance as well. How there we make covenants that will help to give us the tools needed in this life and especially the life after. I feel a little strange because I was only able to attend the temple once, while most of the missionaries were able to attend multiple times while in the MTC but the CCM was under refurbishing while I was there. So it's hard for me to remember exactly what happened, which again, shows me the importance of regular attendance. I just realized that I said assistance, I don't think that makes sense in English, the verb to attend in spanish is asistir. Anyway, super cool that we have 150 temples around the globe.
    Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that you haven't lost hope for finding your dream house. Don't worry, you'll end up moving 8 times afterwards anwyays. haha, just kidding. I love you a ton, thanks for keeping in touch! have a great week!

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