Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 71

     Hey! Sorry I don't have a ton of time, but lots has changed since yesterday. So there has been a huge leadership change in the mission. In prep for our incoming mission president next transfer, Pres Maluenda received revalation to change the leaders. Some zone leaders went down to regular senior companions, and lots of district leaders went up to zone leaders and there were many district leaders called. So I got the news on Monday that I was to be transferred :(. So I am no longer in Northern Laredo, this was the first one and done I've had in my mission in an area. Also, I was called to be a district leader. So my new area is called Santa Gertrudis, in Sinton. Which is right next to my very first area, Rancho Alegre. So I will be able to go on exchanges and visit the people I knew almost a year and a half ago! How cool is that? And now I'll be able to speak Spanish with some of them! Woo!
    So today I have to conduct the first district meeting and all this new stuff, pretty exciting. Lots of things are changing, since the Rhoades left the mission the new senior couple have put a huge emphasis on cleanliness of apartments, so we have been deep cleaning our apartments at the end of the transfer. I just moved in to this new apartment, and it is far from deep cleaned. But that's okay, we'll work on it. I've really learned to notice a difference in the spirit when a room is clean or not clean, so I want our apartment to be as clean as possible. 
   Yesterday we had crazy weather, it rained a TON! We had flooding up to our door of the apartment and there are two steps before it. The other elders from a different city were here for transfers and couldn't drive home because the water in some places went half way up their door. So we spent the night together. It was pretty exciting. 
    Sorry this email is a little short, we don't have lots of time today, but I love you guys a ton and I know that this is the Lords work and he trusts in us a lot! Keep doing great things, I love you!

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