Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 58

   Hey Mom! This week was pretty interesting, probably the craziest thing was the deal with our neighbor's cats. So we have this neighbor and she is crazy about her cats, she has like at least 10 of them that live outside our apartments. So the other day we came from morning soccer and noticed that one of her cats had been hit by a car in the road. It was the worst placement ever, like you walk out the door and at the end of the pathway it was just destroyed all over the road, super gross.
     Then the next day we went to a zone meeting we had in the morning, and then we came back and our neighbor was sitting outside her front door. So we greeted her and asked how she was doing, she started to cry again and told us not very good because one of her cats had been hit by a car. We thought she was talking about the one yesterday at first until she told us that it was still alive. Turns out, another cat got hit by a car, but didn't die. She was sitting next to it and just watching it and crying. We had refreshments in our zone meeting that we took home of rice crispy treats and brownies, so we gave her some and she thanked us. So we went in our apartment and then watched the series of events following. 
   She called the Animal Control and Police, the cops showed up first and told her that she shouldn't have all these cats, and really just didn't help the problem. Then after about 20mins of talking with him the Animal Control showed up, and asked about what happened and all, and then the other neighbor came out and complained about all the cats and told them to get rid of all of them! And they just told her to go away. So the Animal Control guys talked about how it's okay that she has the cats as long as any neighbor didn't have a problem with it or didn't make a complaint. But if a neighbor makes a complaint then Animal Control is going to set up traps for the cats, and she will be arrested if she tampers with them. Crazy right? Ok, and then after that, the animal control people left and a guy came with like a little bag of stuff, then he put on latex gloves and so did the cat lady. Then he took out the syringe and filled it, and with the help of the owner, picked it up while it flailed around and injected the cat, then sat it down and held it down until it stopped. She was crying the whole time and we were awed by how sad it was. I watched a CAT MURDER. That's the cat story that happened this week, hope you thought it was interesting.
    Yesterday was super awkward, we only had a few hours to actually work in our area, and 3 out of the like 5 visits we made, we went and knocked the door and waited like 30 secs and then the people pulled up to their house in their car. It's so uncomfortable when that happens haha. We just laugh because there isn't much else you can do. 

    Then today we went to the zoo, it was pretty cool. The animals were pretty old and they didn't even have elephants! But aside from that it was fun. The Flores family, our branch president took us down, cause it's in Brownsville.
    Everything is going pretty well, I'm doing great. It's scary realizing that I'm about to start my 10th transfer, 10/16. That's pretty far. Elder Anderson and I are doing pretty well. We're working really hard and having really great lessons all the time. And we're super obedient. Even so, we aren't really seeing the kind of success that we kind of expect from our hard work. It kind of kills the fire when you have a great Saturday and then nobody shows up to church the next day, or people seem like they have great desires but still don't keep commitments. Lots of prayer trying to figure out what we are doing wrong or what we are supposed to be learning from this. But we're not letting it get us down, everything happens for a reason, just kind of frustrating not knowing the reason, you know?
    We have an investigator that is going to be getting baptized but has to wait till she turns 18, on March 16, so this month she'll be baptized. Then we have a few families that we are teaching and they have great desires and seem to understand everything during lessons, but then fail to come to church, so their baptismal date gets pushed back. Finding prepared people is kind of tricky sometimes. Lots to learn and improve. 
    Thanks for all the prayers and support, I love you! Have a great week!

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