Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 59

    Hey mom! Yeah this was a really great Transfer! We just listened to the transfer call in the library and Elder Anderson is getting transferred, and I am staying. He will be in the zone though so it's not too bad. My new comp will be Elder Tomasi. He is a Polynesian about my height but about 300lbs. And he's super athletic. He was in the national rugby team I think. He moves super fast for how big he is. Have a good laugh at that. He was in my last zone so I know him a little bit. I'm pretty sad that Anderson and I are getting split up though, he was a great comp and I learned a lot from him. I'm sure I'll learn just as much.
    The work is going pretty well, we've started to center our teachings more on being missionaries. Hopefully within the next little while our members will start to do most of the finding. This area is pretty weird, we don't have a car, but we use another area's car 3 times a week. I guess we're sharing it, because it's like a 40min bike ride into our area. Hopefully something will change so we can have a car.
   At night we have been playing horse, we have this little basketball hoop and nerf ball that we play with, it's fun, makes it not boring at night. It's going to be weird getting a new comp, i have to teach him the area, and I barely know it. It'll be interesting for sure. That's all that's on my mind right now, haha. Carlos, our member that is always with us is gone for a little while, he is taking a little vacation so we are missing him and didn't go dig for ties today. But that's okay, it'll be a good day anyway, we're going to go play bball after this. I love balling with missionaries, it makes me feel like I'm actually good at it. Even though I'm not haha. I need to start doing more workouts for my legs, I can't really dunk anymore. I used to be able to get it with 2 hands every once in a while, but now I can't :(. 
       There has been a lot of "trunky" talk lately and it's super weird. I have about 10 months left, so does my comp right now and his girlfriend is getting home in the next few days so he's kind of worried inside but tries not to talk about it. I have kind of been trying to relate things in the mission to things back home, and wow life is going to be so busy! I don't know how I had so much free time before. That's okay though, I've always been the go, go, go type of person. 
     Well that's all I can think of this week, thanks for writing me! And yes the shirts are great! Thanks so much! Guess what, I wore the first one today, and I cut myself shaving a little and I got blood on the collar, yay me... and yay for dull razors. That's okay, I'm probably going to buy a bleach pen so it'll come out. Oh dad sent me pictures of the new house that you guys are going to get, haha more wallpaper? The memories... I hope you guys like it, looks super cozy. I love you mom! Have a great week!

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