Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 54

   Hey mom, good to see that you guys went to the beach, looks cold. I heard you guys got super lost looking for houses ,haha.
   I know less and less of what to write in these letters haha. Even though everything is new right now. 
   My new area is pretty cool, it is in English, but I've learned that it doesn't really affect my Spanish very much, it just depends on my studies and on my focus speaking it in meetings and with my companion. So I'm not too worried about that, we still talk to people on the street in spanish plenty. 
    Like my last area, there are lots of dogs. I've realized that most dogs just run up to me barking, staying just far enough away that I can't kick them. Which is pretty annoying because I don't know if they're going to try to bite me or not so I can't just not worry about it.
     The branch that I'm in is super cool. The members are really nice, we have a member that is with the missionaries every day, he drives us everywhere. He is a convert of about 1 year and he is 25 and his name is Carlos. He is great, I love him, he is filling out his own mission papers.
      Elder Anderson is my new companion, he is super cool, we actually came into the mission together. I didn't know him in the MTC because he served a little bit in Mexico and then went home and came back out, so he didn't re-enter the MTC. We actually spendtour first day in the mission together. We were dropped off by our trainers in a random neighborhood and told to knock doors for 3 hours. My trainer btw, Elder Rosero is now my zone leader and is sitting next to me, he says hi :) 
    It's strange being in an english speaking area again, teaching in English is so easy, because I can express myself however I want, sometimes. Sometimes there are words that I think explain stuff more in spanish but people speak both here so that's ok. 
      I'm excited for this area, I feel like we are going to accomplish a lot. Only time will tell. Thanks for keeping me updated, I love you, have a great week!

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