Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 56

   Querido mami, esta semana fue muy bien. There was actually some cool different things this week. How exciting right? To start off we had what is called "3 day" which is when all of the leaders have trainings in McAllen for 3 days, so during the day they have to be in a meeting and then around 6oclock they come back to work. And since there are some parts of the mission that travel like 3 hours to be in McAllen, they just stay with the missionaries in the area. And we had an extra missionary, his name was elder Powell, he came down from Sinton. So we had a trio at night time and it was pretty fun. It just made us super pumped to work, and we found like 12 new investigators in 3 days. Which is quite a few, usually you find like 1 a day. Which compared to other missions I think is a lot anyways. But he had a super good attitude about everything and I learned a lot from him.
   I never really realized how great this mission is, it is like the 2nd most baptizing mission in the USA. And we have been told that we have one of the best mission presidents, and that we are one of the most obedient missions. That's pretty nice. I guess God new that I needed to be put in a place that is super obedient and successful so that I wouldn't do crazy stuff and lay around. 
   Also there was a funeral for a relative of a member. It wasn't a LDS funeral and it was really weird. I have never been to a funeral before. Nobody really wore black or anything. But we were there because they wanted us to be like the funeral choir, we had 12 missionaries. We sang a few songs, Oh my Father, which I realized I do not know the tune to at all, neither did most of the other missionaries haha, we sounded super bad. I felt really sad, but they didn't tell us before hand so we could practice and they didn't let us pick the hymn. Then we sang I stand all amazed, in spanish, so I think its like " asombra me da" or something. And we knew that song so we sounded good and then last but not least, but definitely the most sad, God be with you till be meet again. Lots of people cried, and I felt bad for singing the song. Then a member gave a talk on the Plan of Salvation, which was pretty nice, but he went pretty in depth and there weren't many members there so I think everyone else was probably like uhh what? 
      Then on Sunday, the missionaries gave talks. It was pretty cool to speak in English again. It seemed super easy, I spoke about conversion. It was a pretty big topic so I just covered the basics and told everyone to just do the basics with a good attitude and it'll happen. I think that is pretty worldwide, people just don't do the basics. But it went well, and it was one of the only talks where I was comfortable.
     Pretty cool, I hope you guys get the house of your dreams :) Think this will be the last one before you guys get super old and can't move? Or do you still have a few left in you? haha just teasing. My companion has really bad knees and back from football and so I kind of feel like I'm with an old man sometimes. Thanks for keeping me updated, I'll keep praying for you all, I love you and of course Happy Valentines day!

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