Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 49

     Hey mom! Glad you guys are liking the new area! Sounds really nice! You guys have a wood stove? Yay! Sounds like a good place for everyone! I hope you don't lose anything in the move!
    Things here are going pretty well, Alberto and Anahi were just confirmed yesterday and received he Holy Ghost. it was really nice, I think they'll do really well here, they just need to get callings now.
     My companion and I continue to get along well, I feel that my spanish is really improving, I have a huge stack of notecards for vocabulary and he can understand everything I say in Spanish even though it's not perfect, so he can tell me how to say it correctly.
    Our branch is looking to make lots of changes. We have talked wth all our auxilaries and obtained their visions for the branch and made some plans of things we can do and I think things will start to change. Some of our leaders dont really have visions so they had to kind of help them make some but that's ok. We are going to have more FHE with different families, trying to combine them if possible. I guess we're just trying to work on the unity in the branch. It's exciting for me, I know probably not for you guys haha. 
    Well not much to write, we just talked the other day so, I hope you have  a great week and don't get snowed in! I love you!

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