Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 57

    Hey Mom! This week was really great! Lots of fun stuff happened. So we had a great Saturday, a pretty well known seventy came to the mission. So Friday night we were told that all the mission had to meet at a stake building. So we got up a little earlier on Saturday and went and learned from Elder Corbridge of the Seventy. I think that he knows more about the scriptures than the scriptures know about themselves. He read some verses that everyone has read before and then explained them differently than I'd ever think and it blew my mind. He skipped a lot of what he had prepared too. He was only given like 2 hours, he maybe got through like a third of what he prepared the night before. He had a few quotes that I thought were really cool. He said that there was a point in his life where he was super busy and overwhelmed, with work, callings and family and was just on overdrive all the time. And he would pray about it and ask the Lord, "When will I ever be in control of my life?" which I could relate to, and I think we all have had those moments. He said that the next day he had the same thought, then he heard a voice that said, "You will never be in control, I am." Which then humbled him to remember who is really in charge. I really like that, because I had thought that actually multiple times this week, when will I be in control of my mission, but then I have to remember whose work this really is. Trust in the Lord is a difficult but severely important concept to grasp. He also talked about losing yourself, Matt 16:25, and said, "Selflessness is in your greatest self interest. I have about 2 pages of notes, that will be my personal study for the next few weeks haha.
     Then later that day we went by a bunch of our investigators to make sure they are going to come to church. We call Saturday our pregame day and Sunday game day haha. So we had about 9 people "give us their word" they were going to come to church, probably more comforting than it really is. And then we have an investigator who is ready to be baptized, but she's only 17 and we need to get parental permission and her mom really hates us. The mom is a little special needs and gets really riled up just by seeing us. So... we went to her house, and literally within the second that she saw us she was freaking out. Probably the maddest anyone has been at me in my mission. It was pretty confusing really. So I apologized and told her that her daughter is doing great and she thanked me, and then continued to be mad haha. So we left and she threatened to call the cops. Exciting huh? Turns out she just hates men, so we are going to send some women from the ward to calm her down. 
    Then the next day we had... 0 investigators in church. Which really just makes you feel great inside :/. We were supposed to have like 10 investigators haha, and they seemed super solid, I can't wait to hear their excuses! And then we have this member who gave a talk in sacrament meeting, very interesting. I'm not sure what book of scripture he has been reading, but I have not yet come across it. He is an elderly man who is a temple worker, and likes to make it known. He talked about in his talk about how he sneaks around and explores the temple, how he locks himself in his room all day and talks with angels, and about how Christ came to Chapa, Mexico or something like that. Pretty interesting and I kind of understood why we didn't have investigators in church, the big guy upstairs knows best.
   Also today, our Branch President took us to the bodegas to go tie digging and one of the bodegas gave us ties for free, quite a few of them too.. We have to look through em still but I have high hopes.
      Pretty exciting week, I got the shirts you sent me today, thanks so much! I love you mom! Have a great week!

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