Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 61

       Hey Mom! This week was really good. Lots of fun and changes. Today especially was a little weird. We had a zone conference on Tuesday, we are putting a huge emphasis on member work, in fact we are pretty much starting to do only member work. Our zone leaders told us that we are no longer able to knock on doors unless they were a referral from a member. So referrals from nonmembers and tracting and talking to people in the street, stuff like that, we are not to do that this week. They said that they want to make it a permanent change. So that's pretty different, on Sunday we filled as much of our schedule as we could with member visits. 
       Also, this Sunday we had a baptism! Cassandra was finally baptized! She turned 18 on Wednesday, and she was baptized. It was pretty cool, there was also another young man baptized, his family just got reactivated in the church and he had turned 8 a little while ago so he was baptized. We had a ton of the branch there supporting them and it was really great, and the young women sang for the opening song. And I spoke on the Holy Ghost, which felt like a sacrament talk because of all the people came to watch. Then when it was time to do the ordinance, we opened the doors and the font had drained almost completely. Super awkward and bad for everyone. So we filled the font for another 15mins while everyone sang songs and waited, the longest 15mins of our lives. Someone just didn't plug the font correctly I guess. But it happened! She will be confirmed next week and receive the Holy Ghost!
     Today was a weird day, last week at the conference my companion was talking with Sis Maluenda and she told us that we'd be going out to eat with them next monday. Then today was that Monday. So they told us to meet them at the mall, I just figured that they were wanted to meet us there because it was somewhere big we'd recognize and then we'd go from there. Nope we went into the mall, they walked us into JCPenny and they told my bought my companion a suit and a few pairs of pants, shirts and belts. So nice of them. It was super weird, we were just expecting food.  Which was pretty convenient because today he ripped his pants tying his shoes. 
     Lots of things to learn, I am currently working on trying to have more love for people. There are many times where I just kind of say whatever is on my mind, and I'm very blunt with people, lots of times to a fault. So I'm trying to be more considerate of the words I say and the way I handle situations. Because they won't change at all or listen to you if they don't feel like you love them. I'm not super bad at it, just sometimes, always room for improvement. Also I'm trying to work on my integrity, as in when my thoughts, actions and words are saying the same thing. That I guess is how to measure it. Sometimes I'll think one thing and say another or I'll say to do something and then not do it. If there will every be a time to learn and grow, it's the mission. I'm realizing more and more how much things in the mission relate to things in real life. I can't go my whole life offending people in work, family, friends. It may be funny sometimes but for the most part, it just hurts.
      I would send pictures of the baptism but I didn't get them from Elder Anderson yet, next week. I'll try sending more pictures, those are more interesting anyways.
   Thanks so much for emailing me, I hope everything goes well with the house and the weather. Tell Nathan I'm happy for him and proud of him. I love you! Have a great week!

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