Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 65

Hey Mom!
       Yeah so we got transfers today! Guess what!?! I'm leaving :(((( It's super sad, I have such a good relationship with the members here and I am going to miss so much this transfer. First off, we are having a branch party next week, for the 1 year anniversary of the branch, then Cyndi's little sister is going to have her Quincinera. Not sure if you guys know what that is, it's basically a huge party that mexicans throw for their daughters when they turn 15. Apparently her family put in like $20,000 into the party. Then we are going to skype home for mother's day this transfer! Wooo! I just really wanted to meet Elder Tomasi's family. Then I am going to miss tie digging on Mondays and basketball with the two zones on Saturday. 
       But I guess that's what the Lord wants for me, I am sure that the next area will be just as exciting. I think he knew that I'd miss getting new ties so he blessed us today with a ton. We got 42 ties for free, then we got about 200lbs for $10. Which we had to beg the lady to let us pay her just a little bit for them. It was pretty dope. We sorted through all of them and here is a picture of them when we started choosing who got which tie.
       The area is doing pretty well, we have a few families we are working with, everytime we talk with them it seems they have another problem with a commandment that we have yet to bring up, they'll offer us tea, and then introduce us to their children and their girlfriend. Then offer to have us over for dinner Sunday night. Super sweet people, it's just amazing the difference the Gospel makes in people's lives.
        The other Elders have an investigator who's name is Maria, like almost all women here. Anyway she is like 79 and has dementia. They were teaching her and she'd progress really well, accept the BOM and Joseph Smith but then doesn't understand the authority to baptize. So we'd explain it and she'd understand and then accept to be baptized, only to forget that lesson the next day. It became a problem when she started becoming irritated that we kept "bothering" her about it, even though in the end, it turned out being what she wanted. So they had to drop her as an investigator, because she just can't progress with her mind not being in the right state.
     Even though I'm sad and a little nervous like always to go to a new area, I'm excited to see what else there is for me to learn elsewhere. Thanks so much for your continued support and I hope you guys have a great week! I love you! 

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