Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 48

Hey Mom!
  Yesterday we had the childrens program in our little branch. A stake president councilor, President Salmon came and brought his children so there would be more than 5 kids. And one of our investigators had a kid in it too. But the program was all in English and he only speaks Spanish. His name is Orlando and he is the cutest little 4 year old. Not sure why but whenever we get him to pray he will only whisper it. So he went up first to say his part, "Dios es el Padre de mi Espiritu." God is the father of my spirit. And he whispered it into the mic, we could barely hear it. I laughed super hard. Then during the songs when all the kids were singing he was so lost, my companion and I were dying it was so cute. They did like hand signals and everything and he didn't know what was going on and then they handed out bells, and he was just swinging them around. Then afterwards Pres Salmon asked everyone whose child Orlando was and then Alberto, his dad, raised his hand. And he told him he is doing a good job and we need more children like Orlando, and we all need to be more like him, obedient and humble. 
     Then after church, Orlando's parents, Alberto and Anahi were baptized! Elder Juarez baptized Alberto and I baptized Anahi, it was super great, almost the whole branch stayed after to support them. It was a super great day. Pres. Rhoades is planning on getting Alberto the Aaronic priesthood pretty soon and maybe Anahi will get a calling in the primary to help out our primary president. They should do really well here.
     In the past there has been a huge problem here with all the young women falling in love with the missionaries and lots and lots of gossip and hatred in the branch. And Pres Salmon took us aside and told us that there is a different feeling in the church now, and that we are doing a good job. That was super nice to hear.
     Thanks for the support, I hope all is well in Maine! Welcome home :) I love you, talk to you on Friday!

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