Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 36

Hey mom!
  Yeah Elder Johnson and I stayed for another transfer together. I'll kill him. No really though, that's what they call it when you are the last companion of their mission, I'm "killing" him. Don't worry we get along great :). He knows literally everything, did I tell you that? It's super funny.
   Elder Canfield and I are staying together!!! At the end of this transfer we will have been together for 6 months! In the mission we called that getting "married" because, we could legally go get common law married. But don't worry that will never happen haha.  I think the friends that I've made in the mission are some of the closest I've ever had. 
    Today being P-day we went to go digging to go find some ties. It's Elder Fielding's first time going tie digging! Memories were definitely made. We bought this bail.. bale? idk.. A bunch of ties for like $25 between the 4 of us, and guess how many ties there are! 200lbs!!! It was super heavy and it will take forever to sort through, but that's pretty exciting huh? It's a mission thing I guess, no sane person in the real world would buy that many ties.  
    It's super weird that I'm going to be in Mission for 6 months, that's a 1/4 of my whole mission! It's super cool though, I'm not even mad. I know everyone in the ward super well and everyone really likes me so I go to church and just say hi to everybody haha. Our ward here has 3 missionaries going out in like a month! It's crazy, its probably cause they've had great missionaries here lately... *cough* nahhh just kidding haha. 
     But that's about everything, thanks for keeping me updated, I'll keep you all in my prayers as always! Love you! Have a great week!    

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