Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 35

Mama! Esta semana fue muy bien. La obra misional siempre es un placer. Aunque esta semana no fue llena de emocion, siempre estoy feliz, gracias a Dios.
    People always say that, "Gracias a Dios". I'll knock on their door and ask them how they are doing and they're like I'm doing good, thanks to God.  They all say that they are catholic but haven't gone to church in 15 years and yet still think they know lots about doctrine. I just want to ask them, imagine you took a high level math class 10 years ago and never used it until today, do you think you would still remember all the formulas and everything? Probably not. But... you have to be nice. I guess working at Cabela's kind of helped me develop that silly happiness with people, no matter if they are upset or bored, I'm always super happy sounding. I never really thought of that before now... huh..
    People here are almost always super nice though, it's great. Even if they aren't interested or anything they're like, "Hey if you guys are ever in the area and need something to eat or drink, let me know and I'll hook you up." It's super cool. 
   Yes transfers are tomorrow, I'm not sure if I'm leaving or not. But Elder Canfield is training! It's only his fourth transfer and he's training! He's going to be AP one day. That means he'll leave though, and we wont be common lawed.. sad day. I hope if I do leave, I go somewhere spanish speaking finally and in a car. Even though it will start to be a little cooler now that it's Oct. Quien sabe..
   We had stake conference yesterday and Saturday. It was really cool, we talked about multi-generational families. And how there is a cycle of how they work.       1. Baptism and Confirmation 2. Temple Endowment 3. Temple marriage 4. Have children. And they talked about how about almost all of the cycles are broken between steps 1 & 2 due to weak gospel teaching and modeling in the home. Which made me think of how hard of a life my children will have with all the crazy things in the world, gay marriage, drugs, standards being changed, etc.. And how I will be a good enough parent to teach them how to avoid things of the world. It's going to be super hard, but then again that is what I guess my mission is supposed to prepare me for. The second counselor had four missionaries do a little role play in front of everybody and two were mom and dad and the other two were kids. And they were having scripture study and of course the kids couldn't sit still and all that crazy stuff. The missionary acting as the dad was super bad, he might have just been scrambled because he was in front of everyone but it was really funny. Because every time he would do something wrong, the second counselor would correct him. Lots of things to think about. But I really shouldn't because its not important right now. 
    But whatever happens I'll be fine with it. Oh and sorry to hear about Gwyn, that's super sad. 
     I'll let you guys know what happens! Have a great week, Love you!

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