Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 33

Hey mom! This week has been pretty good. We were told by the AP's that we needed to move our beds from the front room into the bedroom where they belong. Which we told them wasn't possible because the room is too small. But they just told us, "Make things happen :)" To which I almost responded, "It'll happen when I get transferred :)" But I decided not to be apostate and rude. I am changing! Wow! Haha just kidding. So we spent about an hour or so turning our beds into bunkbeds and putting them in that tiny room, and moving our study desk into the front room. Which means we had to unbolt all the boards where we have our investigators and member's info on and move them from room to room also. It was quite the pain in the neck and now if I stick my foot off the edge of the bed it'll get clipped by the ceiling fan. But that's okay, I don't move in my sleep anyway.
   Then we are just biking around trying to find more people to teach. We find plenty of people but they end up being too lazy to change or they feel like it's not important enough. We talked to a few guys the other night and they asked us a bunch of questions and they said they liked us and everything we said made sense but they were oilfield workers and leave for 2 weeks at a time at least. But on the plus side, the people here are really nice and they usually have a pretty good background of religion. We are teaching a single mother and her two little boys and they have come to church and really liked it. We have another older guy and his brother we are teaching and then we are kind of teaching this guy and his step son but they dont really want to quit smoking weed so we'll see how that goes.
   We had a conference with our zone yesterday and President and his wife gave us a bunch of counsel. I guess a lot of the people in the mission are having a hard time finding new people because we discussed it quite a bit. Basically if you want to find new people you will. It really isn't hard, but in the long run a lot of them just lose interest. Which isn't their fault, it's mine. So I'm just learning how to keep them involved and excited about the Gospel. But its going pretty well.
   Nothing really huge happened this last week, Elder Canfield rolled his ankle the other day playing basketball and his ankle is huge and purple now. He can barely put any weight on it, but he's a missionary, you can't just take a sick day. It's not too bad though he's in a car area, he just has to walk into people's houses and back. If Canfield and I stay together for one more transfer we get "common-lawed" which would be sweet.
    Thanks for keeping me updated, have a great week! Love you!

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