Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 32

    Hey mom! This week has been pretty good. Yesterday we had some really awesome baptisms. There were 3 in our ward, a man, an older lady and another man who is in a wheelchair. The guy in a wheelchair got a really high fever or something when he was about 10 and it caused a ton of other problems and caused him to almost completely lose control of his body. We communicate with him through his eyes. He blinks once for no and looks up for yes. He can smile and laugh and he can move one of his arms enough that he can type on his Ipad. His name is Alan, and he is so cool. He is super funny, and has a great sense of humor and I love him. I wasn't his missionary but I was lucky enough to be one of the people helping in the font. We had 4 people in the font to help lower him into the water. He coughed a ton after he was dunked, because he can't really close his mouth, but he was expecting it. The spirit was so strong and I could see the happiness in his eyes after we lifted him out of the water.
     The older lady is a really close friend of the recent convert we just baptized a little while ago, Jerry and Juanita & Miguel. Her name is also Juanita, kind of confusing. And apparently she has a sense of humor too, she is about 5'0 or so , and when they asked her who she wanted to baptize her, she said me. So, I got to baptize her. It was my first time saying it in Spanish! I had a helper though so I wasn't really worried. 
     I hope you guys have fun on your trip, I wish I could go with you!  Tell Grammie I say hi and that I'm praying for her, Grampa too! Stay safe! Love you!

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  1. What a cool experience to baptize that guy and that sister!