Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 45

Hey Mom!
   The house looks great! Yay you proved me wrong, I said I would come home and you guys still wouldn't have had fixed it haha. Well I don't know, maybe you just did it because you are moving... Haha, I hope you're doing alright, I know moving can be stressfull and I know how you get. You love to be stressed over things :). Just remember that in the long run, little things like tile don't really matter. 
   I love being a missionary, lots of missionaries get stressed about the progression of their investigators, but what am I going to do about that? I teach to the best of my ability, and the Lord does the rest. I feel pretty confident trusting in him. We have a decent teaching pool right now, we have 12 investigators that we are working with, and 8 of them have baptismal dates that we are working towards. There are a few families that I really love and we are teaching lots of potential priesthood holders. The thing is, and especially down here, I'm not sure if it's the culture or what, but men are really hard. Women are easy, they can feel the spirit and recognize God's hand a lot easier than men. A lot of the men here are unmotivated, they work in the oilfields or whatever and they come home and drink beer and relax. But it's really exciting when we get some that actually want more, I can see the potential that they have. 
   My companion and I work really well together, he can speak freely in Spanish and I can speak freely in English, so if there is something that one of us is struggling to explain, the other can jump in and help. It's really nice. The people here love us also because he is a latino and they feel comfortable and I am tall, white and have blue eyes. Elder Juarez is super cool too, he has the like, deep romantic Spanish and it sounds super cool. He is funny and he can freestyle rap really well in Spanish and it's pretty cool. We've been going around to some of our members and telling them to throw out their catholic decorations. Lots still have like crosses and virgin Mary's and stuff on their walls. They take it pretty well surprisingly.
     Working in Rio Grande is super fun, even though the building is small and smelly. Last P-day we went to the Rio and I threw a few rocks from the U.S. into Mexico. It was pretty cool. Elder Juarez took a spill on the wet rock and half-way fell in the water. Is that illegal? Haha it was funny. 
          Thanks so much for emailing me! I'll keep the move and dad and everyone in my prayers!  Love you! Have a great week! 

Rio Grande River
Elder Juarez 

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