Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 43

    Hi Mom!
   What's up!! The new library here has Mac computers and it's super weird, I forgot how nice it is. Anyways, yeah there was a baptism here yesterday, she is pretty cool. The branch here in Rio Grande is pretty small.  There is definitely a lot of strengthening to do here. The people here have great desires, they just have to start taking action. Which is great, my companion and I have made a lot of plans to help them do just that!
   I love working hard, it helps me be more consecrated and focused on the work. It can get really frustrating yeah, when people are lazy or they're not home when they say they'll be. But that's not in my control, I just want to help strengthen this branch. The church has big plans for the Valley. They have land in Edinburg for a temple, we just need a stake in Laredo. And here in Rio we have land for a new chapel, but we need more sacrament meeting attendance and priesthood. Yesterday in church there were 3 men besides the President of the Branch and the missionaries in Priesthood. 
   That's exciting that everything is changing back home for you guys too! I used to be kind of scared of change to be honest, and I guess I still am. But I appreciate it more, it forces us to grow and adapt to a new environment.
     The Branch President is Elder Rhoades! Steve's Dad!!! He's super cool and his mom is super sweet, they make me food sometimes <3. Yesterday he punked me super hard. He asked my comp and I to come talk to him in the other room, so we followed him and he said, "Well I talked with President Maluenda about you two, and I got special permission for both of you. You can both have dates." And in my mind I was like, "What the... What?! I don't want to go on dates, that'd be super awkward. I'm a missionary! I can't do that, it's super against the rules. Who would I date?" And then he said, "So here you go" and held up a tin with plastic wrap over it... his wife made us muffins with dates in them. He got me.
    Also yesterday my companion and I spoke in sacrament meeting.. In spanish. It was pretty easy, everyone said they loved my talk? Both of us jacked the branch super hard but they took it really well. They cook really well , not super healthy but.. probably why this is like the diabetes capital of the nation haha. The flour tortillas. Basically my companion and I are going to go and be bold with all the members, tell them (with love) they aren't reaching their potential and what they need to do to reach it and what they are missing out on. I'm really excited to see some changes around here. Hopefully I'm one of the missionaries that can at least help start a change.
    Hope you guys are doing well! I'll keep Grampa in my prayers. Hope you like your new job and you get some more free time. I'm doing better on my morning workouts so, do the same :) I'm sick of all these little hispanic ladies calling me flacito (skinny),lol. Have a great week! I love you!

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