Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 41

Hi Mom!
  Wow tons of stuff is happening! Scott driving a forklift? Haha that's pretty cool, I wonder how he'll like it. That's super funny and almost like hicklike, but the Maine version. Sorry to hear that you guys are feeling a little bit under the weather! That's no fun.
    Yesterday we had a baptism! Bobby was baptized! He was going to be baptized last week but his wife wasn't able to make it down from Houston in time so we pushed it to this week. It was really awesome and a huge spiritual experience for us all. He and his wife were both in tears, their daughter didn't know any different but I mean she's 18 months old so its whatever. He is super cool, we have a great relationship. His goal is to be sealed in the temple in a year and I know he will be, it's awesome. Hopefully I can go with them, I'll still be in the mission and normally our president lets us go if one of our converts gets sealed, but we'll have a new mission president. So we'll see what happens. He has invited to go hunting with him when I finish the mission though, so I'll for sure have to figure out how to do that. This weekend he was out hunting and him and his buddies got 5 wild pigs, and we're eating with them tonight, so I'll let you know if its better than Hibiscus.
   I got a call the other day, from the Assistant to the President. And I had to be at a meeting the next day at the mission office. I'm going to be a trainer! I'll get a brand new missionary, hopefully, and get to "show him the ropes". There is a chance I could finish train someone, because you get trained for 2 transfers so I could be someone's step-papi. But I want my own son so I hope that doesn't happen. It's pretty exciting and I'm kind of nervous. My example and the way I teach him to be a missionary will affect the rest of his mission and ultimately his life. So no pressure. But I'm not really too worried, I just want to help him to enjoy himself here.
   The only sad part is that we will probably have to disband the homies.. Elder Canfield and I will finally be split up, we'll still see eachother around though, we're in the same mission. Hopefully I don't get sent to a 2 man apartment, I've only ever been in 4 mans and I hear that 2 mans are super boring. Probably more obedient, but more boring. 
   Thanks so much for writing me! I hope you get better! I love you!

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