Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 46

Hey Dad and Mom! 

   Elder Juarez says "Le quiero mucho, espero que todo esta bien con su familia. Y gracias por tenerme en sus oraciones." I don't know what it means either. Haha just kidding. I'll leave you to translate that, you're welcome. 
       This week was pretty good, the branch continues to be small, just to prove it, I received a calling on Sunday. I am now the assistant secretary. Which is kind of weird, I feel like a branch missing so many crucial callings would give me a different calling but it'll be great training !
        The last week was super funny though, well at least for me, not for Elder Juarez. On P-day he twisted his ankle really bad and it swelled up pretty well and then he popped 2 tires and broke both of his pedals in half. So he had to buy a ton of stuff to fix it. Not good.
         I hope to get a haircut today, my hair is getting kind of long, on the top if I pull it down it goes past my eyes, but it doesn't look bad or anything so it's ok. I saw Nathan's mustache and hair, looks super good haha. 
         Lately I have been studying the talk, "The Blueprint" by Tad R Callister. It is really awesome, its about an hour long and 13 pages, but he talks about the primitive church of Jesus Christ and compares it with the church now and how that voids every other church. Which is cool from the view of a missionary in a mostly Catholic environment. But then again I doubt that half of the Catholics here practice their religion. It's more of a hereditary thing down here. Which is how I fear it is in some parts with the LDS church also. Which helps me to realize and plan on teaching my future family so that they can really be converted to the gospel instead of just inheriting it. 
         I'm excited to talk to you guys in a little while, hope everything goes well with the move! Don't throw your back out :P Love you!
PS: this is an alligator gar. They are these huge fish that are in the rivers down here. They get like 15ft long and look at the head, super scary. But people aren't afraid of them, I dont know why.. Apparently they taste good.

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