Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 44

Hi Mom, 
      Wow! I didn't realize how soon you guys were moving! That's crazy! Pretty exciting! I'll keep you guys in my prayers. And yeah, don't get stressed, there's literally nothing you can do to help it at night haha might as well just sleep. 
      The mission is going really great, Elder Juarez is a super good missionary. When there is a greenie in the companionship we have to do another hour of studies, called "12 week" which is a program for missionaries, for the first 3 months of the mission. It's to practice, like roleplays and know why we do some of the things like we do. And everyday when we do that, whatever we learn, I can see him apply it. It's super cool, he's really good with people. Which is nice because he's good with people and he speaks Spanish, so I talk a lot with the people that speak English and he does when they speak Spanish. 
    We have a pretty good teaching pool now, a few people that should be baptized in December, one person has to get married and that can sometimes take a while. But it's really cool, last night we talk a family that we've been meeting with for a while and last night we had the mom pray and she cried, and the spirit was really strong. It was a great experience, I love times like that. Not that I love it when people cry, I like it when the spirit is really strong and the people can recognize it.
    I don't know if my Spanish is getting better or I just notice my mistakes more. Every time I say anything in Spanish I have to check with Juarez, to see if it's right, even if it's super simple.
    I'm excited for Thanksgiving, we already have 3 meal appointments, and the last appointment said that if we don't eat a lot she'll be offended. So that's great. I've kind of learned to eat a lot of food, but it's pretty hard. It's better than not eating though. We definitely have at least 1 meal appointment every day.  
    Christmas should be cool, I can Skype you guys again! That's pretty exciting. Also I thought of a few different things for Christmas, if you want :P There is a really small set of scriptures, like the mini quad but they're all separate. Having that is super good for proselyting because it's a lot lighter. 
            Keep me updated on how the move goes! Love you!
Rio Grande Elders and friends <3

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