Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 15

  We had interviews with the Mission President this last Thursday, it was super cool. Whenever I get the chance to talk to President its like I'm talking with a prophet. He is super nice and for my first interview it was in English, yay! My spanish isnt really improving because I don't practice enough, so it will be fun when I get sent to somewhere down south and nobody speaks English. Especially because my companion is from Ecuador. Who knows why I'm not good at spanish. He practices his English every day. He is super good.
    We are planning a branch activity on May 8th, we are going to have a little BBQ and some games and invite everyone.  My personal studies are getting a little bit better, I started studying more for our investigators and less actives and it has helped me stay awake more. The mission is so great and happy except this week has been a little bit depressing. We found that a few of our people have been having some struggles with drugs. We went to a new members house and she was super high, she is the girl we just baptized. It is kind of depressing to see your people moving backwards, but I know that setbacks happen and people all make mistakes. Today we are going to go over there and talk with her, watch a spiritual video and talk about the Grace of God. I'm just worried that she will think God is so upset with her and doesn't want to talk with her. I think that if she knew the Atonement better and understood repentance more fully, she will be ok. Also the mother of one of our investigators, was found by her sister in her apartment passed out on the floor after getting really high. And she is fighting to keep her kids right now. She isn't in trouble but we are hoping to teach her. I just hope we can help out her family. Sometimes I wish I could somehow tell people right out how much they need the Gospel.
     The work continues to be a struggle, right when we have some really spiritual lesson with someone and it's really great, they dont show up to church or they smoke weed later that day or something. I don't understand what drives people sometimes but we need to keep on trying to help. I like the scripture in Luke 11, I don't remember the verses but it talks about habits and about if we give into them they will only get harder and harder.
     Not too much to report, hope you have a great week, Love you!
See the scorpion in the light?

Torrential spring downpour off our roof.

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