Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 13

     This week was really great! We have been working with an investigator for a little while and she was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. And another awesome thing, yesterday was fast Sunday and at the beginning of the meeting she didn't even know what it was. Then I walked up and sat in line to bear my testimony and she walked up and sat next to me! She bore her testimony like 15mins after being confirmed. She cried in front of everyone and her makeup was everywhere, it was so cool.
     We had some changes in our zone for the missionaries just because of the new transfer, and our District leader went home and so now we have a new district leader. Every few days we have to do "follow-ups" at night. We just tell him how we are doing and our numbers for the week so far.   
     The work is going really well though! I love it, I feel happy all the time. Except sometimes in the morning. I'll be honest. But yeah even when people hate on us, I am still really happy. All is good in the hood. Yeah, I'm still super white. I cant believe Ellie pee'd on you! hahaha she is so cute.
     I will keep praying for you guys, make sure to tell me how your artwork goes! LOVE YOU!

I almost forgot some pictures of the Baptism. Missionary pictures are always so awkward... Oh we had a talent show in our zone meeting and we didn't have any talents so we said that we are all power rangers and we form Megazord or something and we climbed on each other.  


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