Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 12

Happy Easter to you too, haha! I totally forgot about Easter because I was so excited for conference. At home I didn't really care so much for conference but now that I'm out on my mission I was super excited. The talks were super good! Saturday was so much about families! Did you hear L. Tom Perry's? I think that's who it was, I forgot my notes. But he talked about how there was a huge meeting with all the religious leaders from different faiths around the world, and they all agreed on how important families are. They also agreed that it should be between man and woman and that is the strongest structure for children to be raised in. Crazy to think about how many God fearing people are out there but see little importance in their marriages or family. I always like to picture that meme with the two old people with the same truck they've had since like 1950 and the same house and they are still together. It has a caption, "We grew up in the time where if something was broken, you fix it, don't throw it away." I think here in Alice we have like 2 or 3 families in our branch that have the parents still together. It's super hard to talk about the happiness and security of families with them. Which is really sad because I think that is probably some of my favorite doctrine.
   Elder Holland spoke yesterday! He is my favorite speaker. He is always super powerful and passionate. Holland talked about the story of the two brothers who went rock climbing and the older one almost died and the younger one saved him, and compared it to the Atonement. Super powerful.
   However, as great as general conference was, we had very few people show up to both Saturday and Sunday sessions.I think for 3 sessions it was the missionaries, the president and one or two members. But we had 3 investigators in the first Saturday session and they all loved it! 
   This morning we got our transfers!!!!! I will be staying in Alice! Elder Rosero and I will be companions again. Wooo!! Super excited, now that we know the area a little more and the members, we can really start working together. But one of the Elders in our house is leaving :(. He has been here for about 6 months! But I think the only reason for that is because he didn't speak any English before his mission. He has been up North his whole mission. Maybe he'll get sent down to the valley. 
   I am already destroying my clothes... So I ripped the pocket of one playing basketball, I fell off my bike with another one and its all dirty and didn't come out in the wash.(Yes, I'm fine, and don't laugh at me). One shirt I ruined in the MTC laying in flowers and now it has little yellow spots all over the back from pollen. And I put my clothes in the washer and someone was nice and put them in the dryer but didn't know to take our my slacks and the hemming came out of one side. It's greaaattt.. But no worries, I did get your package, thank you so much! I will try to get some of the stains out with that stuff. Hopefully I can find a super nice sister in our branch who knows how to sew.
  Glad to know you guys are doing well, LOVE YOU
 "Mary and The Resurrected Lord" Harry Anderson

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