Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 16

Hey! How is my motha? Haha I'm feeling a little weird today I guess it's just cause I'm excited. 

   Ouch, dislocating your patella is probably no fun. Poor Heather! You know what's weird? I remember some of the stuff that I learned in school (I know shocking right?) particularly the stuff about like bones and muscles and stuff and so we have this trivial pursuit game from like 1981 or something and that is how we have fun on long drives to meetings. Anyway everytime there is a medical related question I can usually get it right. And the other elders say I'm going to be a doctor for sure. Now everytime anything happens to them, they ask me questions like I'm already a doctor. One kid asked me if he is going to be able to have kids because of his sports injuries and what is this rash I have in my armpits and all this funny stuff. I have no idea about anything they ask me but I love that they think I might know. Super funny.
    I like being a missionary, we had testimony meeting yesterday too and even though we usually only have like 35-40 people in sacrament meeting so far there hasnt been one testimony meeting where the prisiding bishopric member has to stand up and say sorry no more. There is never any awkward time in between testimonies. I love it. The people here have super strong testimonies. Also yesterday we had almost no empty chairs in the chapel. We had I think like 60 something people! It was awesome! We need to enlarge the building pretty soon. If we had all the inactive people come back, We would have a ward. We're working on it :P. I love seeing missionary work actually make a difference.
    We are going to have 2 baptisms this month. Julio, a little 8 year old boy. And Erica, who is like 30 or so. Julio will be baptized this Saturday and Erica is going to get married and then baptized. Super exciting. 
    I feel a little bit like a parent as a missionary honestly. I see the people I teach come so far and then go backwards into the same mistakes that they were in before. And all I can do is support and love them. It drives me crazy. I always feel like jacking them and just telling them straight up but I know that's not the right thing to do. Sometimes I jack them with love if I know it won't damage our relationship. But like the thing is if people get even a little bit offended, they will totally close themselves off and never come to church. So I have to be extra careful because I can be kind of blunt.
 I'm really excited for Mothers Day! I hope we can skype, but I'm not sure how it works. 
   Oh well... Love you! Have a great week!

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