Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 11

Hi Everyone!
   This week has been great! Nathan brought someone to church? Awesome! Good for him! What a missionary :D. I love seeing people in church! This week we had 3 of our investigators there and the other elders had 1 and then we had a bunch of non active families, we actually filled up the chairs! Oh yeah we have chairs, not pews. Pews? Idk how to spell that, I'm sorry mom, I have failed you.. haha just kidding. But we had a ton of people in church this last Sunday and the speakers where a dad and his son from a neighboring town and their talks were perfect!!! Exactly what our investigators needed to hear! I know they received revelation! One of our investigators was freaking out, they covered just about all of the things she was unsure of, it was so cool. 
   We are doing pretty well, guess what! I fell off my bike for the first time, it was super great. My comp was taking forever crossing the big street here and so I was on the other side and I was bouncing my front tire and I was right by the railroad tracks and so there was a bunch of gravel and I slipped and flipped over the handlebars. It was sweet. Haha I didnt hurt myself at all but my shirt was all dirty and I hope it comes out in the wash. Bad week for shirts. I was playing bball like we do every week in Mutual and a like 10 year old kid was going crazy attacking everyone with the ball and he ripped my shirt pocket almost all the way off. So I am trying to find a sweet lady from relief society to sew it for me. 
   Our companionship is doing really well, we have a lot of fun and teach well together. I hope people feed us this week because I have $13 for this week in grocery shopping. I usually only spend like 20-25 a week on food, just like milk and eggs and stuff for sandwiches. But we went bowling for an Elder's Birthday and we go out to eat after meetings. But all is well.. haha Grampa.. 

    Elli sounds even cuter than before. I miss her. I wanna read her books again haha. I got to read some kids a book the other day and it reminded me of reading to her. And they loved it because the native language of their parents is spanish and so their mom speaks very little english and their dad speaks ok, but they probably never really get a good story in English. I read them like seriously 8 books. It was really funny.
    We have a great relationship with the ward members now, they are starting to trust us. This morning I got to weedwack around our house. Sorry I never did that around our house dad.
    Living the good life! Glad your B-day was good, LOVE YOU MOM!

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