Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week 10

  What is going on!?!! Such a good week but such a hard week! Rosero and I are doing super well, we get along better everyday. Today we took selfies with a fake mustache on, we are pretty much Mario and Luigi. Sorry I forgot my camera though, pictures next week hopefully haha.
   We're doing really well, likewise it was a hard and great week. We had a death here and a wife was left by her husband. In such a small branch and area it is a lot to take in. We worked really hard this week and had 6 people in church! We hoped for 13, but I now remember how "hard" it is to get up in the morning at 8. We will keep working on it though. Pretty great turnout when our branch is only like 30 people.I love the people in this area. 
  Working has been really fun though like I said, I enjoy the mission more and more. Seeing miracles every day is really a great testimony builder.  Haha I have written a list of the people to remember in my prayers because I can't remember them all and it's super long. There are just so many people, even in this small area, who need help. I love seeing prayers being answered. 
    I have started reading this book called, "The Infinite Atonement". It is super cool, it goes really in depth about the Atonement and all the things that it encompasses. Even though it's like a 300 page book it says pretty frequently that we could never understand all that the Atonement gives to us. So cool to think about the things that I cant even think about. Haha crazy way to look at it. Learning about deep doctrine is super fun. I have been learning a little more about it and I just want to read books about it all day. It's so cool. There are so many books out there that have so many questions that I haven't even thought about.
Happy Birthday Mom!!!

  Apparently there is a monkey farm here and we are going to see if we can find it today. Hopefully Planet of the Apes doesn't happen. If it does, I love you. Haha but really I miss you a lot, talking with you and mom at night before bed and hitting our workouts together. 
     Thanks so much for your continued support, love you! Take care of  yourselves! Somewhere in the valley there is a guy who I guess gives missionaries 900lbs of ties. Holy cow. That is so much, like multiple truck loads. But they just sort through them and find good ones. 
   I'm not really sure about requests.. Umm.. I like those Reese's that you sent me. But really I'm doing pretty good.
                      Love you!

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