Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 72

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, I got a lot from different people, some I've never met before, how nice! This week was cool, it is definitely different as a DL, actually having to run the meeting instead of just sit there in it. Also strange having sheep to watch over. Especially if they're struggling a little bit. Some of the elders in my district's plans fell through the other night, so they just went home and chilled an hour early, great huh? So we had a chat about that and what's going on and I think it'll be better now. 
     It has been raining all this week! Almost every day at like 2:30 it starts raining super hard and floods some of the roads. Not like the first day here, but still. The other day it caught us riding our bikes, biking in the rain is really fun, but then your shoes get wet and take forever to dry off, and I dont want to leave them outside cause somebody will take them. So I hung them up over a vent in our apartment, prolly gonna smell really awesome in there. 
      My new companion is Elder Puga Gomez, he is from Baja California, Mexico. He moved to Utah when he was 15 so his english is really good, still has an accent and makes little mistakes that I laugh at though. He's really awesome, super pumped for missionary work. He's on his 8th transfer, so I don't have to baby him or teach him how to do basic stuff, which is nice. We try to speak mostly spanish when not in lessons but I'm not very good with focusing on it haha. 
      Our ward here is super great! We have like 5 or 6 young families with small children, and most of them served missions! Lots of white people here from upstate. Not that I'm saying that Spanish wards/branches aren't as strong.. they just... tend not to be. So this ward has lots of missionary potential! BUT... they haven't harnessed it at all! They have a goal as a ward to have 12 converts a year. Which is honestly pretty low, I think it would be pretty easy to double that, especially because the missionaries here are so geared towards it. We are going around and getting the visions of the auxiliary leaders and seeing how we can bless their quorums/group things. It is really awesome, when I work with members like this I feel like I'm actually helping them to grow and strengthen the ward. I hope that we can have lots of members willing to help us and work with us. 
      I can't believe elder Rosero and Lindsay are gone! It's pretty sad, I'll miss his accent and his baptismal focus. They were both such good missionaries and I know they'll do super great now that they're out too. 
     Thanks for emailing me! I love you guys so much! OH and if you are gonna send anything just send it to the mission home and I'll get it in like a month lol. Love you!

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