Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 76

     My 4th was pretty good. We didn't really do anything exciting. It was p-day and we couldnt email so we got together with a few companionships in the zone and played basketball for a few hours and then went and got shakes at Whataburger. Then we hung out in their appt and drove home. Since it was 4th of July, we had to be in our appt by 6pm, which is always fun. We probably should have cleaned because we are going to have apartment checks on Thursday, but we just kind of laid around. It only happens like 3 times a year so we figured we'd take it easy. It was pretty uneventful but it was a good day. 
    This week has been pretty good. We got to meet our new mission president and his family! We had interviews on Friday. It was quite surprising really, to see how they were. He is definitely called of God and we will be fine. He talked a lot about how he knows who he is and that God called him and he has the authority to receive revelation for us. He said in our interviews we would say the first prayer and after the prayer, he would know everything about us, our weaknesses, fears, strengths, sins, potential, everything. And he did. My interview went really well, I said the prayer and afterwards I could just tell he knew a lot about me. In lots of interviews he prophesied future callings, quoted patriarchal blessings and called us all to repentance. It was awesome, there were lots of missionaries that came out of their interviews crying. I wish I was one of them, but I'm lame and have no feelings. His family is really cool, his kids can all speak english, not perfectly but almost. His wife is really sweet and gave us a training on the accent of spanish words and syllables, it was really cool, I forgot that words did that. During her training, her youngest son, Santiago, was in need of attention and so was doing little kid things. The meeting was in the sacrament room of a chapel and he would run all around the pulpit and the chairs up there, he climbed all over things, played with the microphone, which was on for some reason, and pulled out some tissues and stuck them over the microphone. His mother, the whole time was very patient and mostly just ignored him. It was pretty strange. We all were pretty surprised that a mission president's son would do that, I guess we expected a super family. But also nice to know that nobody has complete control of their kids. 
     Fortunato Peralta was confirmed on Sunday, and it was really awesome, I could tell the ward was really happy that the person that got baptized the previous week showed up the week after haha. Then we went to his class, the have a gospel doctrine class in spanish, with about 2 other people in it, and the other two were gone this week, so it was him, the teacher and us. The one who teaches the class is also the translator. It was pretty eye opening for us missionaries. Seeing that the translator barely speaks any spanish. Most of the class he just spoke in english and we translated it to bro Peralta. No wonder he always falls asleep in Sacrament meeting haha. The other spanish couple mentioned he wasn't the best but we didn't think it was that bad. At least he's always there, doing his best.
     How are you doing? Dad mentioned that your health has been all crazy lately.  Mom!? Why do I hear more about you from Dad? Haha let me know how you're doing! I will pray for your health, I hope that you guys can find a diet that isn't too crazy or boring that works for you. 
      Hope you and Dad continue to improve and are happy. I love you guys a ton! have a great week!

Look at this creepy house we found!

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