Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 77

      Hey! Man, Hashi's sounds like a bunch of fun! Haha what a great opportunity to learn to have a good attitude even though you feel terrible. It's a good thing women are tougher than men, imagine how much we would complain if it was more prominent for us. 
     Glad to hear the family is getting together often, that's a nice change now that you're closer. I hope Nate's birthday is awesome!
    This week was a pretty normal week. We have started to work with more families, which is really exciting. We have about five families that we're working with. Each of them have a doubt about church. Which is the most frustrating doubt to have, everything else will pretty much work itself out if they go to church. Probably my favorite investigator (can we have favorites?) well at least the one that I personally get along with the best, just feels like he cannot see himself and his family going to church. It's just something that they don't do. And he thinks about stuff too much. He thinks, basically about the natural man, and thinks that the thought of going to church is just something to make us feel better, and so he thinks that somehow, by going to church, he's like giving in or something. I don't know, I didn't really understand it either. 
   So there is an elder in my district who has been here for 4 transfers, 6 months. and he really doesn't like his area. And tomorrow is transfers. Last night our Zone leaders sent out a voicemail with everyone that is leaving, he is not leaving. He is going to stay another 6 weeks! He is really upset about it and thinks that the zone leaders are just trying to play a trick on him. But I'm not really sure, we're having an activity today with the whole zone, so I'm sure we'll talk about it. But if it is true and he is staying. This could be a hard transfer. Also Elder Puga is leaving and I am staying. This missionary and I will be the only two elders in the zone that aren't leaving. Should be interesting. I'm just not sure what to do to help him. Because he already knows, or at least has heard about how having a good attitude is a choice. He just decides to have a bad attitude. It's the worst. I've never had a hard time in my mission with having a bad attitude so I don't exactly know how to relate to it. I can only relate to it with back home when we were told we were going to move to Nebraska, I thought it was the worst thing ever. And it at times was hard to have a good attitude about it. But I just found other things to make me happy and I was for the most part. This might take lots of prayer to know how to help out this Elder. But that's okay, it'll be a learning experience for all of us.
     We did some service the other day for a widow in our ward. She was in the hospital for about 3 weeks, and while she was there her power was turned off. So he refrigerator was pretty live with maggots. It was awesome. (sarcasm) So I got to see what a relief society president gets to deal with, cleaning out that refrigerator. So my comp and I we mowed the lawn and trimmed the trees and she wiped out the fridge with bleach and stuff and sprayed it out with the hose. We held the trash bags open while she threw stuff into them, it smelled soooo bad. I found a chef's knife in the back yard, that's what I used to trim the trees while Puga was mowing the lawn. It brought me back to my childhood, swinging sticks at trees and stuff. I knew that was good for something. I had some crazy big spikes stuck in the bottom of my shoes afterwards! Then on Saturday we took some mattresses and an old chair and stuff to the landfill, which also smelled really bad.Elder Puga was standing next to this bush and he almost walked into this spider!
           I love you! have a great week! 

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