Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 73

    This week has been pretty great! Tons of stuff is always going on. We had a zone conference this week and it may be the last time I see President Maluenda as a missionary :(. It was a great conference, we learned a lot about making goals and plans, which he talks about a lot but I think I actually understood it this time. He is really big on having goals, which all of us have "goals" right? But what a goal really is is a measurable action that shows progression toward your vision. So say like, I wanted to be buff, I would set a goal of gaining 20lbs in 6 months, and my vision being, being buff. And he had us really think about the goals we've set, like really set and prayed about and everything. And I thought, "wow! I dont really have many goals!" He said that everyone in the world has desires or dreams, and the difference is when we put those desires and dreams into action, otherwise we are just wasting time that could've gone to obtaining those goals. Then when we have goals, we make specific plans on how to achieve those goals, ei workout plans and meals. Pretty awesome! And helps me to organize my priorities too. So for the beginning of my personal studies I work on refining my goals and plans, and I know that it will be awesome! Thomas S Monson said, "Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates."
      President Maluenda also gave us some cool tips for life, shared his experience of how he found Sis Maluenda, which is so funny! Second date, he talked about marriage and asked her if he could read her patriarchal blessing! And she said yes! Crazy right? He told her that he was the man in her blessing and she had been planning on serving a mission, and he told her that if she served, he wouldn't wait for her, but that later in life they'd serve together. And she stayed and they got married! And he was dating 3 girls at the time, with one of them he went to the temple weekly! Haha don't worry I won't do anything like that but it's just so Maluenda to do that. He told us what we should do when seeking a profession, which was awesome. I just learned so much! 
      Being a District Leader is great, I love that about the Lord, he never keeps you where you are comfortable, because there, you can't learn anything! This week was cool because I was able to give some correction to some sheep and I could really see a change in them, and I hope that they have more success and happiness because of it. Also, it teaches you time management, we've been having to run little errands or surprise trips 1hr away, we get kind of crammed for time. So we teach short lessons, we have to say, "Ok we have to leave in like 20mins so we're going to share something with you guys really quick" And it gets right down to business and everyone is way more focused. 
      Saturday was my 20th, which is crazy! Because before the mission and just at the beginning, I thought, I'll be 20 when I go home, so Saturday was a scary day for me. I totally forgot it was my birthday until a few Elders that i was in the MTC with called me and sang me happy birthday. Nothing really crazy happened that day, but it was a good day.
     Yesterday we were biking down the road and there were some really young kids playing in their front yard. And they started waving at us at were super happy and so we stopped to say whats up and they were so funny. There was the oldest, 8 and his 6yr old sister and then a 4 yr old boy. Just all alone, in the front yard. And I asked if their parents were home, thinking, these kids would be awesome in primary. And the little 4 yr old asked, where's your mom? And I told him, "At home" and he picked a flower and gave it to me and said, "this is for your mom". It was so cute, haha and I figured I can't really give it to you so I took a picture of it.
       Thanks for keeping me updated, I love you and hope you have a great week!
PS- Rob got his mission call to Ecuador?! That's so awesome!!!!! Is there any way you could get his email for me?! Hahahaha that's so funny! Elder Rosero is from Ecuador, he's gonna go teach a bunch of Roseros.

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