Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 22

 Hey! Congratz on your artwork! That's funny, in my nightly prayers I always include you and your artwork, you're welcome. HAHA just kidding! That's super exciting though! Elliot is still a little diva, that's good to hear.
     Ok so this week was actually exciting. So we had a cool P-day and played dodgeball and then we went a picked up our mini missionaries! Mini missionaries are kids who are in highschool and preparing to serve their own missions, and they kindof like shadow a missionary for a week. So we had mini missionaries, mine's name was Nicholas. Nicholas was about 5' 5'' and maybe 90lbs. It was pretty late already in the day and so we only had one appointment with the other missionaries, all the way across our area, like a 5 mile bike ride. That's when about 1/4 mile down the road, which literally on a bike feels like nothing, he was going about 4mph. Which I then discovered that he has a lung problem! Whoa! So he told me about how he popped a hole in his lungs a while ago playing an instrument... wow.. so we took a break and he layed out on the ground for a few minutes on the side of the road. Then we walked across the street and asked a stranger for a ride to our appt. and threw our bikes in his truck. And then I didn't know the address and we got lost, but we found it eventually... Fun stuff huh!?
   Then second day, Nicholas was busy with some college classes so I went on a trio with Elder Madrigal and his mini. Then the third day I got a new mini named Ethan! Ethan was awesome! We set 2 baptismal days with people in one day and it was super fun and he has a ton of fire! We got along really well and he has a great attitude and testimony. 
   Yesterday! Yesterday after church we went to a member's house. This guy's house is the place they filmed Jurassic Park! Not really but it looks just like it. We go into this place and he has a huge pool with a water slide! Then we walk outside and go and visit his 3 CAMELS! Then we went and saw his 4 ZEBRA and then his 2 swans, I caught some fish in a net and then we got surrounded by his like 6 horses. It was the best day ever haha.
  Super great week. Btw the Mp3 player came with headphones... awkward.. but thank you anyways!

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