Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 21

  I'm so Sad to hear that Grammie has cancer. I will be praying for her and for you guys, dad and Grampa especially. I know that we all have testimonies of the Gospel and know what the next step is and its nothing to fear. That's another great thing about the mission, you get to share that message with people, and give them the opportunity for eternal happiness.
  I am pretty jealous that you guys are in Maine at the beach and eating lobster, even though I'm not a huge fan of lobster. You never know, maybe now I like it. I love how you always say that, "First world problems" haha it's so funny, I don't know why. Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip and it doesn't make you move to Maine next week.
   This week has been a depressing week! None of our investigators were in church yesterday. We are teaching a family and they are super cool and smart and accept the Gospel and will even read and pray when we ask them to, but then come Sunday and they don't come. They always say they will but they don't. Super frustrating. We are going to have a drop lesson with them later tonight to see if they are committed or not interested.
    Thank you for the birthday presents, I love the backpack and my roommates love the freezer pops. These ones are so good, the texture is awesome. I haven't received the speaker and mp3 yet, but I will later today, it's at the mission office. Also, when you send things to me, send them to the mission office so they don't get stolen. Did you get a chance to send me my headphones? I am without headphones and when we go to everyweek I can't listen to any of the talks.
    I love you, thank you for all your support! Have a great time in Maine!
Elder Birrell in his Princess Birrell crown on his birthday. Lol,Happy 19! <3

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