Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 20

   Hey! Elder Madrigal says hi. Wow, that sounds super scary! I hope Grammie will be okay. I will definitely pray for her, I bet Dad could offer to give her a blessing, even a blessing of comfort would help her a lot. Also you could tell them, tell them about how God loves us and how he wants to bless them and help them to realize his hand in everything. I think that Grammie would love the Plan of Salvation and I think that the idea of an eternal family would make her really happy.
  Your painting looks awesome! No paper in this one though? I think that the people will love this one, just hardworkin' farm gal. Did you get a new centerpiece for the table? The thing under the flowers? What happened to the rocks? Haha oh and also those flowers are pretty, good job mom. We've gotten a ton of rain here in the last week or so. In Houston there was actually a shark on the freeway. It is doctrine, I have it from a credible source. It must have gotten washed up there or something, who knows, Sharknado. The rain here gets super crazy and being in a bike area its super fun.. kinda. The other day we had to bike in probably the hardest rain I can remember. Even though the rain only downpours for like 15mins on and off, I have been more dry in a swimming pool. It was fun though and we just yelled crazy stuff as we biked. And then we showed up on a members doorstep dripping wet and they let us in and we laid out towels on the stuff so we wouldnt wreck anything. There are huge puddles here because the roads are terrible. Also the roads are pretty narrow and there arent always bike lanes so sometimes we are those missionaries making all the cars go like 15mph. Havent had anyone yell anything at us or honk yet. Well, we went by the middle school I think? Maybe the High School? I dont know, everybody here looks like they're 21 but they are really 13. Anyway we biked by and they had like something outside and all the kids were looking at us and we waved and they waved back and then we waved to this one group and all of them flipped us off. Which was just funny. 
    We have some really awesome investigators that I love so much. We have the Z family, they're a single mom and 5 kids. The kids are I think like 17,16,10,5,5 or something like that. But they are really great, they love all the lessons and then they didnt come to church this week either.. 3 weeks in a row. 1st week - Friend had a baby born,2nd week - Kids got stung by jellyfish and were in hospital,3rd week - Aunt had surgery for kidney stones.. We were super frustrated and then we went and the little kid repented in the opening prayer and we just couldnt stay mad at them. So we have to push they baptismal date back to the 21 of June. Gahh... But that's okay, they're going to be great members.
   I need to get better at taking pictures, I dont have any cool ones for you this week, I'll do better. Have a great week! Love you!
  ***And also I was given a commitment from one of the AP's to read a book and I dont have it and I was wondering if you could get me a copy. And also I started to read another book and I really liked it but I got transferred and had to give it back... The first one is called "The Inevitable Apostacy" and something about the Restoration.. and the second is called "The Infinite Atonement" Both by Tad R. Collister. There is no rush on either of these, I just want to read them sometime during my mission. You can order them and then read them yourself if you want, the one I started reading is super cool. 
    Alright.. that's all haha. I love you, thank you so much for your support!
Missionaries putting together hygiene kits at Sister Galke's home! Sisters Smith(?) and McNamara, Elders Birrell and Madrigal

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