Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 9

     I know! Week 9? Starting week 4 in the field, almost the first transfer over! 1/16. Crazy stuff, time flies. 
 Nathan sent me pictures of his new truck, very nice eh? Sorry, the "eh" came out because our Branch Pres is from Canada! It's super fun teasing him aboot the way he talks. We had a discussion about how Americans have ruined the English language. We I guess pronounce U's like W's. But I just said, "Murica". And he rolled his eyes haha. He gets me, lol!
     Yes Elder Rosero was wearing one of my ties, actually its his tie now. He asked for it, and after many hours of praying and crying, I gave it to him. Just kidding. People here always like my ties until they check the back of it. Apparently the only thing that really matters about ties is the brand and how much its worth. But I dont care I like pretty ties still :P.
     Teaching is going really well. I feel I am developing more charity and love for people. When we go and meet a referral or knock on someone's door I'm am just super excited to talk with them and I always have a stupid grin. I dont know why but I just really love the people here, no matter where they live or anything. Dont worry though, I still tease people all the time, But I am definitely getting better. My Spanish honestly hasnt improved at all. Everyone says oh awesome your comp is a native speaker! That will help you so much! But really we never speak spanish. Except for the hour that we're like Oh.. you should probably speak spanish. And then I say like 2 sentences. But I'm going to try to work harder on that this week. He doesnt have an "Ecuadorian dialect" I would say but he does talk differently. He kind of mushes all the words together and doesnt enunciate. And a few words he says a little differently than Mexicans. 
     I feel right at home here in Alice though. It is basically North Platte. Alice is 19,000 people, NP is like 23k. Alice has the oilfields, NP has the railroad.  And they love the Cowboys and big jacked up trucks. 
     Everything is pretty great honestly. My knee is almost completely better. I can straighten it all the way and can almost comfortably sit at the bottom of a squat again. So I can start doing little leg workouts in the mornings :). The swelling is gone and I can still feel its weakness but I can like.. feel its limits so I should be ok.  I haven't gotten fat yet like everyone keeps telling me I will so that's good. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for when I am not in really good shape though. Well... At least I didnt go off on a crazy rant. O wait.
     Teaching is pretty fun. We only have like 1 investigator atm b/c Priscilla we have lost contact with and Jacob is super hard to find because he is always out of town or at a different family member's house. He still needs to be confirmed. We are working hard, It will be good. 
     Love and miss you! Take care!

Stake Conference

Brother Gutierrez and Elder Birrell

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