Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 8

Hi Everyone!

In answer to your question,Jacob is doing alright, he was baptized on Wednesday and we planned to confirm him on the following Sunday but we couldnt get ahold of him Saturday and he didnt show up Sunday :/. But we will try this week again. He is living with his aunt because his grandmother (who he lived with before) fell and broke her hip after coming home from the hospital recovering from a stroke. We fasted for him this Sunday. We fast EVERY Sunday and it is good.
   People here love to feed us, we have two sisters in our branch who give us food weekly. And then we set up dinner appointments as often as we can. If I were serving in the valley, apparently they have like 2 or so meal appointments a day! I have been told many times to say goodbye to being in shape and expect to gain 20-30 pounds. I doubt it and I will work hard to not gain bad weight but whatevs. My bike is really nice, Elder Rosero didnt know to buy a bike for his mission and this is his first bike area, and he was given a bike from a former missionary. The only problem is that the bike is 2yrs old and is a little tougher to ride. We switched the other day and there is definitely a difference. But we are doing really well.
  It has been cold here for the whole time I've been here, thank goodness for sweaters, it rained yesterday and is again today. My knee continues to improve, and I played soccer on it the other day and I had no problem with it. Hopefully it will be ok today in basketball. I do need to learn to calm down though when I play sports. I always give 110% when I play and someone always gets hurt lol. I picked up a little cold last night and lost my voice this morning but it is coming back. Hopefully in time for our lessons tonight lol. 
        We havent talked with Priscilla since last Monday! She has been hard to contact since she doesnt live here, she travels to her adopted mother's house here every MondayWednesday, and Friday. Hopefully we'll see her soon!
        Good week so far though! LOVE YOU!!

PS: I dont know why he looked so angry in these photos. He was super nervous though :)

Elder Birrell, Jacob and Elder Rosero

Jacob's Baptism Day!

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