Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 6: Alice,Texas!


    So Mondays are our P-days but since it was transfer day also I didnt get to email or anything, sorry. A lot has happened though. I am currently called to a place called Rancho Alegre, my companion is Elder Rosero and he is from Ecuador! Big bummer is that Rancho Alegre everyone here speaks english and so we teach in english. Oh well Rosero is teaching me anyway. Elder Myler was called to McAllen. So he'll be using spanish. Lucky dog, but we arent even in the same zone so I might not even see him the rest of our missions :(. 

     So... last night we went to the church to play basketball. The floor there is carpet. :( and we were playing and I was destroying people because I think the tallest person was about 5'7". And I jumped up and landed wrong and twisted my knee really badly... It hurt a lot and I didnt move for about a minute or so. It popped really loud. We got home and I iced it for a little while and I am wearing my brace today. It doesnt hurt a lot and I dont quite have a limp but I am definitely not going to do much on it for a while, besides biking ofc. So if you wouldnt mind keeping that in your prayers. Worst thing about it is that I probably wont dunk for a few months and no backflips either :(. Oh well.. we all get trails on our missions and mine happens to be that im an idiot.

    But so far everything has been really great. We got let into a house today by someone who apparently always throws missionaries out, and we scheduled to come back tomorrow. Some people here do speak spanish so I'll be able to practice. Also my companion has 3 hours a day from 11-1 that he only speaks to me in spanish and I have to only speak in spanish also :/. It is hard and he has to repeat a lot but I feel pretty confident. I say things in awkward ways but the point gets across.

    I cant believe dad got a truck! I mean i can but i cant. He has wanted to for so long! ahah thats awesome! Congrats. I hope you guys are still soulmates hitting the gym! I am jealous. I did about 6 sets of shoulders this morning because pressing 25lbs just isnt enough :(. But thats not really what I am here for. Everybody here says I should expect to gain at least 20lbs on my mission. Eating here becomes a chore. The way to the people's hearts is to eat their food. Down south the missionaries get fed about 4 times a day. Apparently around Thanksgiving and Christmas I should expect to eat about 4 dinners.

    Yeah I didnt get a sweater or anything but I got my sheets and I got my bike, it was not in one piece but we put it together and it wasnt too hard. Thank you guys so much! 

          Thank you so much for your prayers! LOVE YOU!
Elder Rosero (his comp) is to Duncan's left

Elder Birrell with his Mission President and Mission Mom

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