Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 3

  Yay! Dad has a workout buddy now! [Robin got a gym membership with Wade] Haha thank you for doing that! We get an hour of gym time a day but we dont work out everyday sadly, we usually play basketball or volleyball or something, Im not complaining I love sports. I bet it is super quite at home when there is no one there all day except for you and Elliot. Nathan told me she had an interesting favorite word for a little bit haha. Shes so cute. I will remember to add your painting into my prayers, I pray for all you guys every night. 

  My spanish is getting a lot better, my high school spanish has helped a lot and I'm learning all new gospel words. Teaching lessons is getting easier and easier. My companion didn´t take as much high school Spanish as I did and he is struggling a little bit more but he has improved a ton too. Sometimes in our lessons we turn to each other and ask what a word is in spanish. We teach very fluidly though, its really great, one of us will share our thought\scripture and the other one will try to figure out what to say after him in the mean time.

   We actually got to teach a real person on Saturday! Every week we have TRC on Saturday. I dont remember what it stands for but we teach volunteers, we taught a 16 year old girl who was a member. It was kind of weird because we arent supposed to be in a room alone with a girl but it went pretty well, we laughed at our spanish, taught her about the importance of prayer and praying sincerely, challenged her to pray regularly and with a sincere heart.

  Our Latinos in our casa left to go out on their missions, they are only here for 2 weeks at a time. I miss them, we gave them our emails and facebook so we can talk and be friends after our missions. 

  Elder Myler and I need to talk to our branch president because we have an addiction. In la tienda they have these cookies, called Choki's. They are just chocolate chip cookies but they must put an addictive substance in them or something because its like a constant craving. Every day we buy and eat 20 cookies. Pray for us.

    Mi compañero y yo got a little sick the other day, nothing serious just runny noses and sore throats, we are feeling a little better today. I hope he gets better because he is singing in the Sunday night devotional in front of all of the fangirls here in the CCM. Seriously, a surprising amount of people know who he is. 

   Today we took a trip outside of the CCM. We weren't supposed to but my comp and I just climbed the fence and went a partied with the locals. Haha, just kidding, we did leave though, our district went to the Mexico temple. The temple is under renovation though so we couldnt actually go in unfortunately, but we did get to go in the visitor´s center. We watched a few little videos and took some pictures as a district and bought a few backpacks from the store there, they were super cheap. like 150 pesos, so like 10 or so dollars.
   Somehow Myler and I got on the subject of Poo Pourri or however you spell it and he said that his band used to use it and it works really well. So if you were considering it, there you go. 

   Talk to you next week! Love you!

Visitors Center

SO pretty

What's cool is that the Mexico City temple is 1 of 5 temples in the world where the angel Moroni is holding the gold plates in his other hand.

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