Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 5

Week 5

      Hey mom! So I´m coming home this week. Haha just kidding. The CCM has been really great and I was blessed with an awesome companion. The food here was usually really great, but sometimes they serve a dish called "Mole" and no you dont say it like the animal. But it smells and tastes like dog food. Apparently its pretty popular so that´s awesome... This week wasn't super special or anything but it was really fun, I mean after all I am in "The Best Two Years". Spanish is getting a little harder just because it´s not only a different language, the way they think is so different. It is coming along though and even if I use the wrong tense they can tell what I mean so I´m not too worried. I am just always worried that I will get someone in a super hard time in their life and they will ask how does God let this happen? I mean we have studied and I know a few scriptures that are for that purpose but there is no way to give them complete comfort and that is hard. All well.. that´s what the Spirit is for.
     I´m so happy that you finished your painting! Congratulations. We have been trying to lift weights 2x a week so its not too bad. So I don´t know about Texas but in the mornings here it gets a little cold, so sometime if you wanna send me a sweater... that´d be cool. I have a friend here who knew someone that went to that mission and said that he had access to a weight room the whole time. So pray for that, haha just kidding. 
      We are all better now, our whole district was pretty sick for about 2 1/2 weeks. I got to give my first blessing! I don´t remember if I told you that in my last letter. It was really awesome and totally different than anythin I've done before. The only thing now is I have like either a cut on the inside of my mouth or its a canker sore. I don´t think its a canker sore because I've had a million of those and this just seems like a cut somehow. It´s been there for a little over a week and it hurts a little when I eat or drink water but it´s all good. I needed to lose weight anyway. Just kidding. 
     While we are here we watch a bunch of videos from General Authorities and the Quorum of the Twelve. I wrote down a couple of my favorites. Elder Holland is definitely my favorite. "Safety for the Soul" by Jeffrey R Holland in the 2009 October conference. And a video called "True Doctrine Understood: Changes Attitude and Behavior" by Todd B. Parker, you don´t have to watch the whole thing because its 30mins long, we just watched the last 10 minutes. Parker talks super fast and throws so much information at you and it seriously blew my mind. Definitely watch it, he talks of everything testifying of Christ.
     Also we both learned how to do a backflip on the ground. There is an Elder here and he was a national state champ cheerleader and does parkour and he showed us how. It took about 10 minutes to learn. So I´ll send a video of that if I can.
      That´s all this week, next week I´ll tell you about the field!  Love you!

Don't we look fancy?

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