Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 98

   Hey mom! This week went really well, it's starting to get a little cold here. Haha a chilly 60 degrees. Ive noticed lately that I'm going to die when I get home, Im wearing a sweater today and its like 65. I hope my winter jackets arent packed away too much. 
     This week has been kind of trunky, lots of people noticing how close the end of the year is. Yesterday in church we had a bunch of people say, "So you only have 3 weeks left?". It's sad to think about. Also yesterday we had the Mendosa family come to church. It was the second time that they've come, and they're getting baptized next week. They're pretty excited about it and we're going by their house like every day this week to help them be prepared for it. Theyre a family of 7, and 5 of them are baptismal age. The parents love church, in Gospel Principles they were participating a lot and had lots of great comments. The parents are both really busy during the day, so we are meeting with them during the dad's lunch hour, he's pretty dedicated.
     The christmas devotional was pretty cool. Have you ever noticed how smacky Elder Eyring gets when he gets all emotional? Someone get that man a cup of water!
   Oh yeah! We moved apartments this week! Haha I knew something happened. So yeah, we moved about a mile south of our previous apartment. The apartment we were in was just kind of dark and our office senior couple didnt like it. Our new apartment is pretty nice, all apartments here are made really cheap, but they're nice. We didn't have hot water until today, it was like lukewarm at best and there was a light out in the kitchen, so the kitchen was dark, but we got it fixed. We live upstairs on the second floor, which just means we have to carry our bikes upstairs, but thats okay. We have cool neighbors, the apartments were just built like right right before we moved in, so everyone is new. That means that they dont hate missionaries yet. The neighbors of missionaries usually dont like them because everytime there is a new transfer there is some determined missionary that wants to baptize their neighbors, so it gets kind of annoying I guess. So we are the first group, hopefully we can make a good relationship with them.
     The move took a super long time, well like almost 2 full days of work to do it, one day to pack everything and to fix all the little holes in the walls from the little tacks of hanging stuff up, and then we moved and unpacked the next day. It was pretty boring and hard to stay focused doing the same thing all day. But yeah, here we are..
         I'm not sure if you guys even want to Skype on the 25th, it'll take away the like, oh wow, I havent seen you in a while thing. Idk what do you guys think?
                    That's about all that happened outside the norm. I'll talk to yall next week! Love you!

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