Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 100!

  It's cold over there... That is gonna kill me. Well it has been pretty cold over here too, not as bad, but for Texas its really cold. We got a cold front yesterday and its like 45 degrees, its crazy. It hasnt snowed here since 2004 though.
    This week went pretty well, we had something cool happen. We went over to the Mendosa's house one night to pay them a visit and they weren't home and there is nobody that lives close to them and so we decided at like 8:30 to just knock a few doors, which I don't really like doing because people get mad when you knock that late at night sometimes. Which was weird because we needed to find new people to teach and I was sitting in the car before knocking on their door and I thought, "why dont we just knock on some doors with Christmas decorations and share a Christmas message? And so we did, we picked a random apartment right across the street from ours with decorations all over it, and a super nice family from Venezuela opened the door. We asked if we could come it really quick and share a Christmas message and they said yes and let us come it, we got to know them a little and shared a few scriptures about Christ's birth and the reason we celebrate Christmas and they liked it and we invited them to church on Sunday. This was like Tuesday, then on Sunday morning we went and knocked on their door to wake em up for church to see if they'd still wanna go and their Grandma opened the door and told us they had all been out really late last night and were still asleep but that she'd tell them when they woke up. And like thirty minutes into sacrament meeting they just walked in and found a spot and waved at us. I think my mouth might have dropped open. Nobody ever tells us they probably wont come and then just show up! It was awesome. And they're super cool, I have tried a dish from Venezuela before so I talked to them about it and they love talking about their country! Even though the government is super corrupt right now, that's why they moved. And another cool thing, they all have super pretty green eyes. Down here it's kinda rare to see people that have colored eyes, especially if they're hispanic. So that was one of the little miracles that we saw this week. They're a family of five, that we've met so far. I think they'll progress really well. Our ward has gotten really good about introducing themselves to new people they dont know, so they felt very welcomed in church and everyone invited them to come to the Christmas dinner this Tuesday. I'm pretty excited about them, in fact I'm pretty sure half of what I wrote is probably hard to understand, my organizational skills are kind of terrible haha sorry.
      In my last interview President Torres told me as you finish strong in your last area, your next area will be good, so I'm trying hard to prepare this area for the next missionary that comes in.
We have our mission christmas party this Tuesday also, so it will be a full day. And in this party we do skits, one for each zone.
     I went on an exchange this week, with Elder Cazier in his area. It was crazy, stuff went down haha. So to start off the strangeness,  we went to go help a member move. And we just cleared out all this stuff from one room and she asked me to help her get something off of the shelf in the closet. So I reached up and grabbed it and I didn't know what it was at first and then I was like what in the world? It was a body cast of when she was pregnant, awkwardly detailed, and of course, it went against her bare body. So I got to hold that, and then we just went out and put it in the grass outside next to the moving truck. Please tell me you dont have one of those. 
      After that we went to their ward christmas party, and there is a family there who has twin daughters that go to college in Utah. And they are best friends with Elder Cazier's girlfriend. They were there for Christmas break. Awkward haha, they sent a snapchat of him to her. Also, of course there was a santa claus there, and he was a really great santa, except for the fact that he would pat all the kids on the butt. It wasn't that weird with the little kids, but then a few teenagers sat on his lap for a funny picture and he still did it. Also the sister missionaries sat on the arms of his chair, and they got an awkward surprise. Haha it was super funny though.
      Then we went to a wedding, I was in Elder Cazier's ward a year ago, so pretty much I knew everyone and they remembered me, it was pretty cool. And I know the guy that got married, it was crazy! And! at the wedding there were some members from Rio Grande, that moved to Utah after I served there. Apparently they have moved back and sent one of the sons on a mission in Ecuador! So I got his email address! It was the coolest thing. 
      So yeah, this week was pretty cool. Haha hope you guys are as pumped about it as I am haha. I'll talk to you guys on Sunday, the member we set it up with said 6 oclock our time, that good with you guys? That'd be 7 Oclock your time. If not... theres not much I can do about it haha. I love you! I'll talk to you soon!

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