Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 47

  Hey mom! 

  You guys are gone! Super weird, I just thought about it and I am going to die! The coldest it has been is like 60's and I've worn a sweater and the biking gloves you got me. I never thought those would come in handy.. a mother always knows :). But yeah and then I'll come home in the middle of the winter to Maine. That'll be interesting. I hope you guys have a good time in Bangor, it seems like a tiny town and it'll be really similar to North Platte. I told the missionaries here and they say that I'm moving from one state with nobody in it to another state with nobody in it. If you're not from California or Utah, people think that there is nothing there.
      Our investigators are doing pretty well. We should have a baptism next week, well two baptisms. A little family will be joining the Rio Branch :). Their names are Alberto y Anahi and they have a little boy named Orlando who is 4. He is super cute, but its hard for me to understand his spanish haha. He still loves me though cause I play with him. They're super great. They quit smoking super easily, we taught them the lesson and they said ok, and then just quit, and they haven't smoked since. We thought that they were maybe lying and so we read a few scriptures and then asked them if they were lying and they said no. And I felt good about their answer so I'm very impressed. Our other investigators are progressing as well, a few speed bumps like always, one has to get married and another feels like he hasn't really received an answer yet, but nothing a good talk with the future spouse and reading the BOM cant fix :).
     I'm super pumped to talk with you guys on Skype too! Maybe this time we'll actually have something to talk about, last time I feel like I had just saw you guys at the airport and nothing was new. I'll keep you guys in my prayers,  I hope the house sells and you guys can find a new nice new house. Thanks for emailing me! I love you!

PS: So I went on an exchange the other day and we decided to go visit the border. So we went on the lookout spot. And we saw some people running across the boarder. Then a boarder patrol car was right around the corner so we told them to leave. I feel like we saved lives. Don't worry I got pictures :)

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