Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 30

Hey Mom!
   This week has been pretty good. Yes, I have a new companion, but I'm in the same place. My new companion is Elder Johnson. This is his 15/16 transfer and his first as a district leader. This is my 3rd transfer as a district leader's companion. He's pretty cool, he knows literally everything, it's crazy. I'll ask him super random questions like, "how much does an elephant weigh?" and he's like, "African or Indian? He's great. Also another Elder that I lived with when I was in Alice was transferred to our apartment. So I have some pretty good friends in my apartment.
   Our investigator Jerry was baptized yesterday. He was super happy and it was great to see him finally able to join his family. Next week he'll be confirmed and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Their family has been doing super good. And in a year they can go and get sealed and I can go with them! That would be so cool to go through the temple with them. Also his dad past away a few months ago and he's already learned about baptisms for the dead, I hope he'll go and do that ordinance as well.
   So on Monday's we go tie digging. I think I told you about it. We go to a "bodega" like a big warehouse and dig through old used ties to try to find nice ones that are cheap. And today we decided to go to Burlington because sometimes they'll have ties on clearance for like 3 dollars that are usually like $80-$90. There is a brand called "Ted Baker" that everyone in this mission loves because they are super pretty. And we found two that were sister ties. They have the same pattern but different colors. And they were so pretty, but they were $25 and we almost bought them. But we decided not to. It seems really dumb but ties are a big deal on the mission haha. 
    These next few days Elder Johnson has three day training. He goes to a bunch of meetings all day for three days and learns how to be a leader. And so I will be working with a different elder for a few days.
    Aside from it being super hot this last week that's about it. 
             Thanks for keeping me updated! Have a great week! Love you

  (Sorry so blurry!)

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