Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 28

    I told Elder Lindsay that you said hi and he blew a kiss back. 
    I'll pray for you guys, lots of decisions to make. Isn't that so fun? Having so much stuff to consider and think about all the time? Haha its like being the junior companion. My senior comp has to make all the tough decisions. One day that'll be me, but I'm pretty convinced I'll be junior comp my whole mission. Haha just kidding I dont even think that happens. 
    This week was pretty cool. I kicked my first dog! This boxer ran up to me on my bike and tried to bite me and I kicked him in the face super hard. It was exhilarating? Boom, I remembered a decent English word. I figured out that the mission just makes you dumb. Like, never have I been so wise, yet so dumb. I dont remember like math or english or anything like that but I can feel the spirit and know a lot more doctrine. It's a weird swap.
    Also this week we confirmed Miguel and Juanita, the two that were baptized last week. Their dad is starting to quit smoking, yesterday was his first day out of 2 weeks where he cant smoke cigarettes. He is struggling a ton but we are buying him Big Red gum and we fasted and other stuff, he's doing really well! Tonight we are going over to a member's house who had to quit smoking too. I have high hopes. I told the dad, Jerry about Nathan and how he quit. He's a great example, super proud of him. 
    Not a crazy week, really flew by. This is the last week of this transfer. I'm already going to be my fifth transfer! That's 5/16. Yikes!
       Thank you for keeping me updated on everything. I love you so much, have a great week mom!
Also these are pictures of my future house.

Its a house here in southern texas. Pretty cool, heres my comp standing next to the door.

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