Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 29

   This week was another great week. Our investigator who quit smoking is still doing great. He is so excited to be baptized, it is so funny. Everytime we bring it up he's like, "I'm gettin' wet!". He says it all the time and I always laugh super hard. He's pretty southern and he has a bunch of funny sayings that kill me. Really a testimony builder when you see someone like him change this much. I'm super happy to have been a part of it. 
    We had a service project at an old woman's house who is actually our new investigator. She has about an acre or so and her grass was overgrown a ton! We were picking up trash in her back yard and as I walked I could hear stuff crunching under my feet, so I pulled back a layer of dead grass and there was like an old suitcase, some wood pallets and a bunch of other stuff. We found so much trash in her back yard. I think we found like 8 pallets, 6 tires, a tricycle, some old metal buckets, and a bunch of other weird stuff. We found like this huge counter thing. Like a bar service counter. Super heavy and we pushed it out of her little patio deal and we tore it apart, it was fun. It took like 3 hours and we almost finished but we're coming back next Saturday to finish. It was pretty fun, but really hot too. 
    I've been reading that book "The Infinite Atonement" a little bit every night. It's super cool. I'm about 1/3 of the way through it because I only get like 30mins/day to read it. And I'm not a super reader like you, I'll get there one day. I've been learning a lot about the Atonement, mainly how much harder it was that I can even fathom. It talks about how he suffered for not only our world but all the other billions of worlds he has created. Blows my mind the love that he had for us. It gives me great comfort in knowing that anybody that I meet, no matter what they are going through, can be helped by Christ. I knew that before, but I don't know, having a deeper understanding of a principle strengthens my testimony of it.
    Transfers are tomorrow, and we wont know until late tonight if I need to pack or not. But no matter what happens, I know I'll love it. 
   Hope you continue to have fun at work, it wouldn't be fun if they didn't keep you on your toes would it?
         Love you! Have a great week!

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