Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 86

  Hey Mom! This week went really well, there were some funny things that happened. First off, we went to the hospital, which I've been wanting to do with Elder Stewart forever because apparently he faints when they draw blood and I wanted to witness it, he has a really caring and compassionate companion huh? Haha but we went and they drew blood but he didn't faint! I know right!? Sad day, he held it together. That's okay, this week there is a second chance, he has to go in again and get an IV put in for some scans they're going to do. I even had my camera out and recorded it, it would've been awesome.
   We knocked doors the other day and met an interesting 81 year old man who told us everything he possibly could about himself, I'm sure you remember that, working in a nursing home. That's pretty much the mission half of the time. And then told us that he used to give Spanish advise to the missionaries when they didn't know a word or something he'd tell them. So I thought I'd be nice and ask him to translate something. I asked him the difference between two words, and then he looked at me and said, "Dulce Corazon!" which translated means "Sweet heart" and said, "Oh I see, you're after women!" And proceeded to give me a good 5mins of women advise. It was great. I'm a changed man, the ladies will never know what hit em. haha just kidding, don't freak out mom. 
    I found out I still hate spiders. We knocked this door last night and I almost walked into a huge spider web with this giant spider in it. Elder Stewart and I freaked out and held each other on the porch for a few minutes before going on a hunt to find a bug to throw in the web so the spider would eat it. I tried to catch a cockroach but they're super fast and I didn't wanna have to smash it and pick it up, they're all green in the middle. 
     Our investigator Roy came to church again! It was super exciting, he also quit coffee so he can get baptized this month. He's super cool, likes to tell us stories of his life, his whole life. He really enjoyed church, in the beginning of the week we taught himthe book of Mormon and got him reading little by little and in church there was no teacher for his class, so surprise! We got to teach! That's okay though, it went pretty well, we taught about all the standard works. Which was cool for him because he was just starting to grasp the book of Mormon. but he accepted it pretty well.
    We helped an investigator move to a new house here in town, he just needed help with his fridge and washer and dryer. Which would be fine except that the decided that he needed the biggest ones possible. So it was interesting seeing that elder Stewart and I are body builders and all. He has some major doubts about the church and doesn't really feel like investigating much more. but after the move he ordered pizza and he and his dad asked us about our missions and why we were here and plans afterwards, which was good beacsue it gave us a chance to share our testimonies and the spirit was really strong and we could tell that they felt it. They basically just think that we are the best people in the world, which isn't exactly what we were going for, but if that'll get them to talk to missionaries in the future that's fine.
     It was a pretty good week, glad to know that you guys are making progress with the new house and all, hope you guys continue to enjoy Maine! Love you! have a great week!

We found these in a member's house haha  

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