Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 82

   Good week, haha also last week was good too, I haven't gone into a depression or anything. This week has gone pretty well, we have found lots of less actives and knocked on lots of doors where members used to be and met some new people. Door contacting is always really fun, you never know how someone is going to react. Sometimes they'll open and say, "Oh no thanks, we're Catholic" and close the door, or sometimes, "Don't even waste your time guys" Sometimes we'll get the uncomfortable teenager that just has no idea what to say to other humans. And sometimes we'll knock some random door and get a guy that doesn't even let us get a word in, he'll just talk the whole time. It's super fun. Also it's interesting to see how spiritual stereotypes are true. We'll meet a woman and share something with her at the door and she'll feel the spirit and invite us back the next day, come back the next day, husband answers and tells us to get lost. Men... pshh..
      On Saturday we were going to go out to one part of our area and help a member paint their house and then afterwards there was a birthday of one of the children of an investigator family. So we just wore our P-day clothes, turned out they finished painting before we got there. We went to the b-day party and it was their little family and then us. Nobody else. The family is really poor, a single mother with 6 kids. And they let us in and we ate cake, and the kids smeared frosting all over my face. For some reason the family just loves us, we've only gone over and talked to them like twice, but the kids are always so happy to see us. Then after cake we went and had a water balloon fight, which I went with the intention of not getting wet, but apparently when there are six kids and two missionaries it's everyone against the missionaries. Also their back yard turned out to only be like 20x20ft. So there was nowhere to go... Needless to say, Elder Stewart and I got drenched. Most of the time itPreview attachment IMG_0144.JPGIMG_0144.JPG4.6 MB was more of a grab a bucket and dump it on someone war, but there were a few water balloons here and there. Also, when Stewart was filling up waterballoons one of the kids said, "I can tell that you're wearing tighty whities." And it was super awkward and then later one of the kids looked at me and yelled, "You're wearing a muscle shirt!" Haha very observant little people... We just tried to change the subject as fast as we could. It was really fun and we built a good relationship with them. Then we had a member stop by to guide them to the church on Sunday morning, but they couldn't go because the windshield wipers don't work on their car and it was raining pretty good. They live 30mins outside of the city so it'd be bad. So that was a big bummer. 
      Two weeks ago we were asked to go to visit a less active with a member and we said yes and our appointment before that appointment went a little over time and we ended up being like 30mins late! So we felt bad and apologized, the guy who went with us was actually pretty upset, and then our EQ president told us to not do that again. Haha we felt like garbage and we had already fixed our relationship with the other dude, but yeah, so we got jacked by a member. Then the member that was with us at that appointment that made us late to the next one, came up and complimented us on how great the lesson went and everything. Haha it was kind of like a cut us down, raise us up thing I guess. Which stinks because I take pride in being a punctual missionary. That was like one of two appointments we've been late to.. everything will catch up to you sometime. 
      I thought this was interesting, in 

Southern Texas I'm not sure if I've told you about it, but some people tend to have their priorities backwards. Spiritually and temporally. They will have a 65" flat screen but live in a trailer that's falling apart, or in this instance, drive a new Dodge Challenger, but their house will be falling apart.
     Also, up in the northern parts of our mission, the cotton crop is pretty abundant. So I felt the need to pick some, so that I could say that I've done so. "That's stealing!" Nah I'm sure the farmer would just see that I was curious.
        Annnddd... I got bored one day and was wondering what the top of my hair looked like, it's super crazy, like a cinnamon roll or something.  
 That's about it for this week, pretty exciting stuff.. Hope you guys have a great week, I love you!

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