Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 80

Hey Mom! Wow, that's a lot of visitors! I don't know why, but everytime we had visitors over it was nice but then at the same time it likes stresses you out for some reason you know? I don't know, maybe I'm just weird.  
     This week was pretty cool. We took a less active youth with us for a day. We drove to visit our recent convert Fortunato Peralta and another family that lives near him. They both speak spanish, but Stephan, the kid that came out with us, doesn't. It was super funny. They would try to talk to him and his eyes would get really big and we'd just laugh and tell them he doesn't speak spanish. One time Bro. Peralta was talking straight to him for like 5mins (He's an old man that likes to preach his wisdom). It was a cool experience for him I guess, then we went and played basketball at a park according with his request. 
     I went on an exchange this week with Elder Messinger, he's in my district. We had a good day, met some awesome people. Then we decided to call a member and ask for pizza, we did that the last time Messi and I went on an exchange. But we realized that we didn't have any ranch at the apartment so we had to make a trip to HEB. In HEB we met some cool people and we were feeling like talking to strangers, so we talked to a few people and took pictures with them at the store haha. A few muslim dudes and this guy with crazy dreads, he told us he's been growing it for 7 years! It was fun, Elder Messinger is a good guy. 
    We had a zone conference, our mission President talked about "Concupiscencias" translated to english is like concupisence.. I know right that doesnt help at all.. Then we found out it means like carnal desires. Which when one thinks of things that are carnal, almost everyone just thinks of sexual things. He shared lots of scriptures from the bible about it and it talks lots about being selfish and angry and lazy. I like to think of Mosiah 3:19 the natural man, basically that is what a carnal desire is. And he taught us a lot about it, it was really cool and the spirit told me lots of ways that I can improve.
    This Sunday I gave 2 talks! It was great haha. I spoke in Sacrament meeting about Priesthood Ordinances and then I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost for a ward baptism. It was really cool. Ward baptisms are so much more put together than missionary baptisms. We've had some where there isn't even a program, we just write it on a piece of paper for the one directing to read off. Our third hour of church was a combined meeting, it being the 5th week, and it was about hurricane preparedness. Which basically just became a huge game of who could make the most sarcastic joke about being prepared. This week was a disappointing week for investigators in church, we had 0 investigators come. We are starting to teach about 5 families though, and were hoping a few would come. But I feel on Sundays like these that it might have been a good thing they didn't come, because there was no spirit in the third hour class. I guess God knows what's going on.
     We went over to Peralta's again after church, and he wasn't there. His granddaughter was there and she asked us, didn't he come to church this morning? He didn't come to church. Our minds instantly starting thinking about all that could have happened to this 79 year old man that drove 40 miles to church Sunday morning all by himself with no phone. We just kind of stood there not knowing what to say and then he came home. We were relieved, turns out he just went to a friend's house instead of church.. cool man.
     Fun week, glad yours was too, thanks for keeping in touch, I love you! Have a great week!

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