Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 90

   Things are going really well. I got transferred to serve in La Homa. Which is in Mission, I have the same area I had a year ago, but I'm in spanish now. It's awesome. I already know where most things are and the streets are coming back to me pretty fast, we have a car now and everything is going great. My companion is elder Hallsted. He is in his 2nd transfer, so I'm his "step-dad". He is really cool, and surprisingly enough, his spanish is really good. Like really really good. It's crazy. I feel like my spanish in my second transfer was terrible, but he's doing really great. 
     Being here is really awesome, I already know a lot of the members and all the youth remember me cuz we used to woop em in basketball. Also, we play basketball everyday in the morning. It's awesome. We wake up around 5:20 and go play at 5;45 and it's super fun. there are some good players with us right now and our sisters come to so it is always interesting. We actually have a few sisters who are pretty good at ball. 
    In the mission there is a new thing happening I guess, when an elder or sister are in their last two transfers they move them down from leadership to train the younger missionaries. So I'm no longer a district leader. Which is sad because it was fun, but I really enjoy being a senior comp anyways. 
     Today was the first pday of the transfer. AAAANNNDDD we went tie digging!!! Wooohooo!!! We got about 30 ties handpicked and a 200lb bale. So it was pretty successful I guess. It was so fun to go again, brings back so many memories, and I still know where all the bodegas are so that's good. 
    Pretty exciting week, I'd write more but we are really low on time. I'll write more next time! I'll try to send pics too, Love you, have a great week!

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